Truculence Sublime

Truculence Sublime

Gritting your teeth.My strongest memories are from times when I was concentrating the hardest, scared the most or laughing and loving the most. When pure adrenaline or pure emotion was at its zenith. All my life I have been a pretty physical guy and I wound up in a profession that all too often brings me into a high adrenaline, grit your teeth kind of moment. The stuff that memories are made of.

Whenever the time comes that you must put yourself into overdrive and give 100% and your knowledge, ability and skills are put to the test, you have to dig deep inside for the answer. Just like when you have to dig deep to finish your last set of squats or complete your last rep on the pull up bar. Your gritting your teeth and you are trying to succeed. Every  worry or want is stripped away. You are in the moment. Time stands still. You are a white hot laser pointed on your target. All senses are clean and the ferocious animal emerges from inside your soul. When the task is complete and you feel the wave of adrenaline give way to exhaustion and you know that you gave it your all; you can feel confident that you truly were aggressively defiant toward backing down, that you lived the moment to your greatest potential. The transition to the sublime arrives.



Weighted Dips

You tell yourself if I train as hard as I can today, the easier it will get later. I used to do body weight dips then they got easy. Now I hang a plate from my waist. When you weight train it should never get easier. Its always hard. After 20 yrs of working out it still feels like day one always.


Whats gonna be the result of your resolution?

New years resolution time.

New Years is coming and so is the mad
rush for everyone wanting to get back
into shape. But will the majority stick with
it and make their new year resolution last
or will they find themselves back to square
one by the following year?

Well pretty soon it’s going to be the new year. This is usually when you get a lot of people signing up for gyms and declaring that now they are going to get serious about their health.

Well, that is actually a good thing! That’s the kind of motivation you want. What’s not a good thing is that 2 or 3 weeks later they stop going to the gym and they stop caring as much about their health.

They let their memberships lapse and quickly sink back into a pattern of bad habits. Now there is much to write about on this subject and many have already done so. They offer advice like joining with a friend that way you are more likely to keep going. Or another one is to write down your goals cause you are more likely to stick to them. It goes on and on.

All these tips look good on paper but they really don’t offer much. If you never exercised before or you have a habit of taking very long breaks for weeks or months or even years at a time, then that list of goals is going to eventually wind up in the bottom of a drawer.

How about that friend you joined with? How many excuses are they going to make to not go to the gym with you or how many are you going to make? Also, what if they have a legitimate reason and can,t go to the gym with you anymore? Are you still going to get your training in anyway? Or will you just stay home cause your friends motivation is absent?

The kind of motivation you need to make a serious change in your life is the kind where you don’t need a crutch. A little help now and then is always nice but it doesn’t matter if it’s there or not. Your motivation should supersede all of this. You will make a change regardless of what anyone says or does or if you are alone or not.

Your drive and willpower should be absolute and you will make it a point to live a new way. But this turns out to be hard to find in most people. Why? Because they are inside a comfort zone and they don’t want to be , well, uncomfortable.

They have developed bad habits and know nothing else. Sometimes this comfort zone mentality can be serious and detrimental to an individuals health. There are people, who despite everything they read and see and what their doctor tells them they continue down a slope toward such bad health that they become diseased. Despite being told they have diabetes or a heart condition they still continue in their unhealthy ways continuing the downward spiral. That’s how hard it is for some people to change their lives.

These people should actually have some type of help from counseling. Unfortunately that’s not something you will find in our health care system. But their is another group of people out there who actually get scared from the bad news they get from their doctor and it shakes the cobwebs loose from their motivation center.

These people  actually do get on a serious health program and start to make changes in their habits. I say better late than never. But I have to ask, why do they let themselves go for so long and wait until they are sick or almost dead before they wake up and pay attention to the way they live?

If dying or being bed ridden is the great motivational factor then I say fine, what ever gets you moving. But don,t tell me they never realized this before in their lives.

Look, we all gotta go sometime, we know this. It’s not a very happy thought but its unavoidable. I also know that sickness and disease and premature death are rampant in our society and some of it is actually avoidable! What we did yesterday still affects us today. What we do today will still be affecting us tomorrow.

When a day is over and we go to sleep , how we lived that day is resonating into the future. It’s not like each day is closed off from the next by some barrier. Unhealthy habits have very long lingering effects. So beating yourself up with these habits everyday until you are 50 is definitely going to produce some serious complications in your future.

I’m not guessing this. This is a fact. Unless you are one of those super lucky ones out there. But most of us are not that lucky. Good habits and bad habits have a cumulative effect. The more good habits you have and seriously maintain the better you will feel further into the future. The more preventative maintenance you perform the healthier your cells will be.

Besides fighting off disease you also fight off muscle and bone loss. You shore up your body and protect it from injury. If you fight off disease then you stay away from having to be stuck taking medicine which sometimes has serious side effects to you health and longevity. It’s just a matter of looking at life from the right perspective.

Age catches up with all of us but it doesn’t mean you have to become old. I say don’t even wait for New Years Day to start your health program. Start right now!

If you want to put off being sick or worse in your future then don’t put off your health now. True motivation doesn’t magically appear on January 1st. True motivation is a spirit that is inside of you. Call it a spirit of happiness or a spirit of adventure. It really is what ever you want it to be.

High motivation can lead to great success. It is worth all of your effort to believe in yourself and to care enough about your health to find the motivation that really is inside you.

Forget the self help books and get out there. The best way to express this spirit inside you is to start today. Right now in fact! When you finish reading this sentence start your new life, drop and do 20 push ups and then do 20 jumping jacks and then do 10 crunches and repeat 3 times, that’s your first step to a new future. Good luck!

The hype train won’t take ya to Life Hardcore!

The hype train

Another infomercial???
Every time you turn on the television, or read news online, it seems like there’s another new best-yet fitness routine, hard-to-pronounce nutrition supplement, or great-tasting miracle food. These products often have marketing budgets that allow for flashy graphics or attractive videos-they are simultaneously hard for consumers to avoid, and harder to stop watching. The idea is to separate you from your money.
They promote the idea of quick and easy routines and short cuts with pills or powders. They mesmerize with “science” and entertain while lulling you into a coma induced spending spree. It is important to focus on reality, and stay off the hype train. Exercise should not cost you money. But it should be a lot of hard work. Sure you need a few things in order to get involved. If you want to mountain bike , you need a bike. If you want to squat, you need to buy a squat rack. But this is the basics. After that your just adding fluff. But there is nothing you can buy that will give you a short cut to good old fashioned hard training.