The hype train won’t take ya to Life Hardcore!

The hype train

Another infomercial???
Every time you turn on the television, or read news online, it seems like there’s another new best-yet fitness routine, hard-to-pronounce nutrition supplement, or great-tasting miracle food. These products often have marketing budgets that allow for flashy graphics or attractive videos-they are simultaneously hard for consumers to avoid, and harder to stop watching. The idea is to separate you from your money.
They promote the idea of quick and easy routines and short cuts with pills or powders. They mesmerize with “science” and entertain while lulling you into a coma induced spending spree. It is important to focus on reality, and stay off the hype train. Exercise should not cost you money. But it should be a lot of hard work. Sure you need a few things in order to get involved. If you want to mountain bike , you need a bike. If you want to squat, you need to buy a squat rack. But this is the basics. After that your just adding fluff. But there is nothing you can buy that will give you a short cut to good old fashioned hard training.

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