Truculence Sublime

Truculence Sublime

Gritting your teeth.My strongest memories are from times when I was concentrating the hardest, scared the most or laughing and loving the most. When pure adrenaline or pure emotion was at its zenith. All my life I have been a pretty physical guy and I wound up in a profession that all too often brings me into a high adrenaline, grit your teeth kind of moment. The stuff that memories are made of.

Whenever the time comes that you must put yourself into overdrive and give 100% and your knowledge, ability and skills are put to the test, you have to dig deep inside for the answer. Just like when you have to dig deep to finish your last set of squats or complete your last rep on the pull up bar. Your gritting your teeth and you are trying to succeed. Every  worry or want is stripped away. You are in the moment. Time stands still. You are a white hot laser pointed on your target. All senses are clean and the ferocious animal emerges from inside your soul. When the task is complete and you feel the wave of adrenaline give way to exhaustion and you know that you gave it your all; you can feel confident that you truly were aggressively defiant toward backing down, that you lived the moment to your greatest potential. The transition to the sublime arrives.



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