Weights are not sex change devices.

I came across some articles in some fitness mags that had the perennial get your abs in and have a flatter stomach for the holidays for women workouts.  Basically the same regurgitated hype you get in these magazines every month year after year.
I can just bang my head against the wall. Please , if you are a woman , don’t buy these magazines. Their advice just sucks.
First of all, it’s the holidays and they are preying on your guilt for eating too much and they want to give the impression that the “cure” is quick and easy.
Second , whatever the workout is it’s not going to give you a flatter stomach. It may give you a decent workout and tone up your arms ,back and legs (I doubt it though) but its not actually going to give you abs.
Third, and this is one that kills me, it’s a plan for women. What?  This is stupid. Men and women’s bodies work the same so there isn’t an exercise that is better for a woman than a man or vise verse. Women are just as capable and sometimes even more capable than a man doing the very same exercises.
If it’s abs you want working out is part of the equation. The other part of the equation is diet. So find a workout program that’s good that is not from one of these magazines and that has you training the right way and then modify your diet.
Google “find my Basil Metabolic Rate” and figure out how many calories your body needs to maintain weight then track your diet and start cutting 200 calories at a time.
If your workout is tough and you are really going hard then maybe cut calories slower. This is because your workout already may have you running a calorie deficit.
images (1)
As far as your workout is concerned, don’t be afraid of dead lifts, squats, dips, and other real weight lifting. They won’t make you look like a guy! That’s another bang my head against the wall thing that I hate to hear. Weights are not sex change devices, they are muscle conditioning devices. A woman with a strong healthy body with muscle tone or even muscle hypertrophy does not look like a man, she looks like a healthy woman! Men love it ladies, don’t think otherwise.


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