A day on the job.

Got here  a photo and a link showing me at work.

Photo is me operating the aerial for masterstreams at a multi-alarm fire.


The link below is a photo taken by photographer  Matthew James Ryan who gets a pretty good amount of photos of us on the job. We were putting on a car extrication demo for the crowd on this day. Click the link to see.

Car extrication

Operating heavy hydraulic extrication tools and throwing big water are just facets of the job. They are actually the least physically demanding.

In the first few minutes at a fire scene you can go from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. Speaking of heartbeats, the work is intense and your heart rate can get very high. It’s very important to have some good cardio in your workout routine to stay on top.

Here we are cutting open some chainlink fence. Pretty cool camera shot!



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