Home Gym HQ

I love having a routine. Not just a workout routine but a life routine. I guess I am a creature of habit. For a long, long time my fitness routine was involved with going to the gym. Its where I would find my motivation and more importantly …… the weights!

But in the past few months I reconsidered the whole idea and found that I really wasn’t liking the gym routine anymore. Now I workout at home in a power rack.


Snazzy huh?

Going to the gym was becoming inconvenient and swallowed up more of my time than I liked. It looked like this;

Make sure my gym bag was loaded.
Make sure I have my water and my post workout shake.
Get in the car and drive to the gym. Find parking.
Go inside and scan my membership card.
Go in the locker room and find a locker.
Load my stuff in and lock the lock.
Hit the gym floor and warm up then work out.
Go back to the locker room and unlock the lock and drink my shake.
Hit the showers.
Come back to my locker get dressed and then drive home.

Just to get a 20 or 30 min workout in, took about an hour or more of my time, easy.  But what has changed is I no longer live in an apartment. I now have a home with a basement and a place where I can train. It makes that list get pretty short !

By the end of March I will be a brand new father as well. I realize that my time will be very limited and I do not want to stop training. In fact, I want to do MORE training.

Another area of life that I was quickly becoming bothered by was that many of my friends do not have the same motivations as me. I’m not saying they are not motivated, I’m saying they have different motivations than me.

As I get older I want to enjoy my free time differently. I love mountain biking and all my old mountain bike buddies have disappeared over time. Either getting married and moving or just quitting, they are no longer the bunch who would ride anytime anywhere. But they are the bunch who would like to go out for dinner and drinks. Now , I love dinner and drinks but not all the time.

I like waking up really early and eating a big healthy plate of egg whites and go mountain biking or workout (love my deadlifts). But I digress.

So this is where it all starts for me.
You don’t need gyms to stay in shape. You don’t have to pay someone money to go inside and lift heavy things. If you have the room (like I do) you can build your own home gym. You can go outside and do all sorts of things to get in shape.

I have nothing against gyms because I’ve belonged to many for years and years but there is always more than one way to do something.

Heres a pic of me before I started doing deadlifts.


When I think of all the warm and sunny days I spent inside of a gym when I could have been outside training just as hard it gets me nuts!

I am reaching out to find individuals who are interested in the same things as me. Not only does this allow us to train hard and be motivated (and helped when needed) but it could grow into possible friendships. Sharing ideas of diet and recipes and getting under the iron! It could become a routine. Not just a workout routine but a life routine.


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