All I need are roman sandals and a waxed mustache………

Reading about health, fitness and lifting(working out) can be motivational. Today is my training day and its very important to me. So as I was having some breakfast and getting my head in the game I came across this website and I found it very interesting that the history of weight training really is much older than we think. As I advanced through the time line I found pictures from the 1800’s and I post them here because these guys are pretty muscular and I would say ; what the average athlete looks like nowadays.

Hippolyte Triat 1850
Eugen Sandow 1893
For sure there are men and women out there today who are way bigger and stronger than what these two guys were( and I’m talking about all natural athletes here). But if you look at your average individual who has a regular life and who trains 3 to 5 days a week and tries like hell to eat as correctly as possible, this is what they look like. Now the website does a great job of running down the history of weightlifting but there is not much said about diet. But from what I know, the diets of back then are not like they are now. I don’t think they were eating 6 – 8 meals a day and paying attention to macro’s and what not. But we all know that diet is so important right? If you lift and train like crazy but eat junk all day long you’re not going to have the right energy to train properly and your training will lack and you won’t be able to train to your potential. Furthermore, the junk food will make your body look like garbage. My question is ; What did these guys eat? Did they eat whole eggs instead of whites? I bet they did. Did they eat bacon? I bet they did. How about carbs after 4:00 pm? I’m Sure! Did they eat 6 meals a day? Possibly. Possibly more. But maybe they only ate 3 times a day. And I don’t think they actually knew how many calories they were eating either. So what gives then? My first theory is that food was actually more nutritious back then than it is now. My second theory is that genetics does play a major role in the whole thing. When you got it , you got it I guess.

2 thoughts on “All I need are roman sandals and a waxed mustache………

  1. You should read Gina Kolata’s books, Rethinking Thin and Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth about Health and Exercise. Rethinking Thin covers the history of dieting and the efficacy of the most common diets today. Ultimate Fitness delivers a very comprehensive insight into fitness – past and present – including the science behind motivation to exercise. Very interesting reads! Great post – thanks for sharing!

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