Mom knows best!

My mom used to have the groceries delivered to her house but ever since her meth lab burnt down she just can’t afford it. Now I go shopping for her once a week.

She is almost 80 and she has been handicapped for about the past 25 or 30 years. She doesn’t really exercise much or get around too well.

I wanted to show you what the shopping cart looks like with just the fresh vegetables portion of the list.


Now , this is for one person for one week! She eats about 90% of these vegetables in a week save for things like oranges and potato’s which can last longer.

My moms eats hardcore! Damn!

She doesn’t work or workout and she eats more veggies than most people at the gym or firehouse that I know!

She is in pretty good shape. She has nice hydrated skin and not too many wrinkles.

Observation of others is the best way for anyone to make determinations for their own lives. I don’t need to read about research and clinical studies when it comes to this topic. Eating lots and lots of veggies is really good for you……..your mom knows best!

Here’s today’s list;

Organic tomatoes

organic grape tomatoes

10 organic apples


bag of oranges


2 cantaloupe

6 kiwis

6 pears

6 green squash



baby spinach


2 bags of coleslaw (the kind without any mayo)

organic ginger & garlic

green peppers


red lettuce

iceberg lettuce

2 bags of celery

sweet potato’s

Like I said thats just the veggies portion. Their is a whole lot more stuff and it’s all healthy……except for the ice cream…..whoops, moms is slippin!


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