How art ya?

I am fixing up my house and I was looking for inspiration online (the source of all great inspiration) for art work and what not and I came across a collaborative weblog called


Tons of stuff to look at here. Look around, it’s interesting.

Honey is the founder of the website and she also has her own page here. She seems pretty cool and she is very creative.She does some pretty cool stuff like tattooing bananas.

The world needs more creative people.


8 thoughts on “How art ya?

    • Dining room : romantic
      Basement: power….my gym
      Guest bed:calming and welcoming

      We like earth colors and tones (no gray, green or blue already used) we also like nature,outdoor stuff for photos.

      • Since you say “we”, your partner may have some ideas. 🙂

        I suggest start with something that you already have in the way of furniture that reflects the mood you want. In the gym the equipment is the main focus as well as being able to see the end result. Murals and fountains work wonderfully in dinning rooms.

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