The Warrior Philosophy

I started Life Hardcore after reading the Warrior Philosophy or Code. Anyone who follows this philosophy is absolutely hardcore in my book.

It’s the very philosophy I try to incorporate into my life. I say try because I’m human and sometimes I make mistakes. To develop these attributes over time I need to constantly remind myself of them and rehearse them as often as possible.

By doing this you become very aware of yourself and guess what……you have to be honest with yourself. That’s something that can be very hard to do. Life is about experiencing the journey and sharing in its brilliance , I choose to dig deep  and feel the raw energy that comes from being a man and a human.

Being a firefighter doesn’t really make me a warrior. Lifting weights doesn’t either. But following this philosophy may one day make me a true warrior and one step closer to 100% Hardcore-a-tude.Oh and btw….following this philosophy is guaranteed to add 10 lbs. to your deadlift.

Warrior PhilosophyThroughout history there have been many philosophies developed to regulate the behaviour of those within society deemed warriors. The more well known of these philosophies are the codes of Chivalry from Europe and Bushido from Japan.  Many have been influenced by the social mores of the culture in which these warriors lived. Through most, though, run a common core of attributes that define how a warrior is expected to live his/her life.

The Way of the Modern Warrior follows these attributes :

COURAGE __ The warrior faces his or her fears. There are many things we are afraid of; fear of failure, fear of looking a fool, fear of getting hurt. Well, that is natural- but, the warrior has to learn to acknowledge that he/she is feeling fear because that is all it is, a feeling. Recognise where the feeling is coming from and why and then it is possible to overcome the fear. We can then face the challenges of life and do those things we would wish to.

HONESTY __ The warrior is honest in all he/she does. Honest with others and, most importantly, honest with his/herself. In dealing with others always do so in the spirit of truth – the idea of things as they truly are- as there is no value in fooling others (yes, the little white lie is still acceptable in the right circumstances, which leads us to the next attribute).

COMPASSION __ The warrior has an open heart. He/she helps others at every opportunity. The warrior considers the idea of hurting others needlessly abominable.

COURTESY __ The warrior has respect for others. In his/her dealings with people the warrior exhibits politeness and regard for others. This applies to all the warrior comes in contact with; whether friend, enemy or stranger.

SINCERITY __ The warrior is sincere in all he/she does and says. He/she will endeavour to keep any promise given. Any act that the warrior says he/she will do, will be done. Speaking and doing are the same action.

LOYALTY __ The warrior is intensely loyal to those in  his/her care. The warrior remains true to those that depend on him/her. The only exceptions being those that would cause the warrior to give up the next, and last, attribute.

HONOUR __ The warrior is always conscious of his/her honour. How a warrior behaves is a reflection of who he/she is. The other attributes are the actions that allow the warrior to have honour, it is the state that defines the warrior. No warrior would allow his/herself to be involved in anything that would bring dishonour on his/herself. 


2 thoughts on “The Warrior Philosophy

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  2. Reblogged this on Notes Of Man and commented:
    Life has provided me with plenty of gems for fitness, nutrition and key advice for everday life. Now here is an ancient and manly philosophy, society, has tossed to the side and some men still strive for no matter what. Let us be rightful Kings, citizens of the world, and in our minds not, loudly, warriors, and always prepared for danger or our bad habits. That is the true alpha male. Thanks hardcore for post.

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