Make the outdoors a gym for the ultimate training.

I’ve been home gym training since late this summer and It’s been great. In some ways I do miss going to the gym but those reasons do not outweigh the reasons I have to continue crushing  it down in my basement. The absence of any social contact is definitely noticed and sometime I feel like a recluse especially when I end up staying home all day. At least going to the gym can get you out of the house on a slow day.

But, another thing I have to consider is that …….Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Once it starts warming up I will definitely be getting out a whole lot more. With this in mind and spring drawing ever closer I figured I would get a little list written down with some of my outdoor fitness plans I would like to put together.

I’m bringing hardcore fitness up from the basement and out into the fresh air and I can’t wait. My goal is to utilize my outdoor space to add another layer to my home fitness regime. I have a few items I have to purchase , a few things I have to make or build and a couple of things I need to acquire to bring it all together.

Tractor tire for flipping.

A Prowler

Another olympic bar

Rubber bumper plates

Build a chin up bar

Make a Sand bag

This is a plenty good list to get together in about 8 or 9 weeks so I gotta get crackin and get to work.

I need to call around to junk yards for the tire. I will build a prowler and the chin up station and make my own sand bag (maybe about 50 lbs to start).

I already have an olympic bar but I want to check craigslist for a used one and leave one in the basement and the other in the garage .


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