“You may as well live a little, we’re all gonna die anyway.”

Pork rinds in bags, from the central United States

Pork, the other white meat.

World famous whitewater rafting in the Valley.

“Hey Bart, pass me that chicken parm, I’m bored.”

These are the words of advice that I get from the out of shape flabby smokers and drinkers who like to eat shit all day long. What I feel like saying back to them is “you’re gonna die young because you don’t take care of yourself so since you have little value for your life as it i, why don’t you just stop breathing right now and get it over with.” Instead of saying this I just tell them that I want to be around long enough to see my kids get old. I’m diplomatic.

All of this has to do with what I’m eating. At lunch you can see a myriad of delicious junk food being substituted for real nutritious food. Pizza, fast food, big giant sodas, loads of mayo, tons of ketchup, potato chips, lots of worthless white bread and cheap mozzarella loaded with oil. Then, sitting there is me with  3 chicken breasts, a gargantuan salad, some brown rice and maybe a handful of walnuts. All home made and cooked clean.

So chicken parm guy with his fried chicken and gopping loads of mozzarella on a white role is gonna tell me that I should live a little cause we are all gonna die anyway.

This is some highly profound and philosophical shit here folks! This guy has it all figured out! Man, I thought skydiving or white water rafting was a great way to “live a little” but as it turns out “living a little” is all about eating chicken parm and then sitting on your fat ass for the rest of the day……my bad.

One time I said to one of these drones that ” I will be living a little when I’m 60 or 70 and my arteries are clean and clear and I’m walking on the beach with my wife & kids.” Of course to contrast this statement I had to mention that when he gets to 60 or 70 he will probably be on his 3rd bypass or dead.

This isn’t a once in a while phenomena that occurs. It’s all the time. At least it seems like it’s all the time. I get it though, believe me I do! Some food is just really delicious and when you taste it you don’t care if it’s bad for you. But I reserve these moments of tasteful bliss for special moments or occasions where being picky may not play out right. If I am invited to dinner I will eat what the person makes for me. If it’s hardly healthy I can just eat a small portion and usually there is some salad or something I can load up on. You have to be creative sometimes. But on a day to day basis you have got to be consistent with your healthy diet. Consistency is key to anything you do in life. If you consistently eat healthy it will affect you in very positive ways. So I see no reason in eating crap when I’m at work or just because “its that kinda day.”

Let me give you a quick glance of my diet on a workday as opposed to someone else I work with.

4 am I get up and have a quick protein shake

I get ready for work and then eat a few egg whites and an orange. Maybe a tablespoon of peanut butter.

6:45 When I get to work I make my second breakfast, lots of egg whites, avocado and Ezekiel bread.

7 am my shift starts.

Mid morning around 10 am I have a protein shake or I will eat some chicken and veggies (depends on how busy we are)

Around noon we eat lunch….usually chicken and rice or a sweet potato or I will re heat left overs from dinner the night before.


(Homemade chicken fingers. Breaded and baked.)

3pm is another feeding , either a shake or some more chicken and veggies.

Around 6 is dinner time. I like to eat either organic beef or venison or a nice piece of Salmon. I only eat wild caught salmon and stay away from any farm raised salmon (too many antibiotics and they add pink dye to the fish….yuck!)

Around 8 I will do another dinner , usually very small.

Then some cottage cheese or greek yogurt around 10pm

If we have a quiet night that’s usually about it but if we have a real busy night shift and we are running a lot Then I just keep grabbing food and eating. In fact I really start to chow down at this time. Going without sleep into the morning hours after working all day is a heck of a way to go into a catabolic state and start losing muscle mass. The lack of sleep puts stress on you that eats away at you and it’s not good.

A few days ago I worked a whole shift (24 hrs) without sleeping. I probably ate close to 10,000 calories by the time the next shift showed up.

Now lets look at what someone else eats when they come to work.

They wake up and drink coffee and pick up a buttered roll for breakfast.

They eat snacks like cookies and drink more coffee throughout the morning.

Lunch time is a chicken parm or a couple of hot dogs and soda and chips.

More soda and junk before dinner.

Dinner is either pizza or white spagehtti with meatballs that were fried.

Ice cream for dessert. Nothing sadder than seeing grown men eating ice cream together.

The way I eat produces results. I have energy, I keep myself bulked up which means I conserve muscle (which you need to have for this job) and I stay healthy.The way this guy eats is just horrendous and I can’t believe he is actually still alive!

I don’t care about “living a little” what I care about is living large and living a lot! When it comes to being healthy I can see no comprimise. What you put into your body is probably one of the most important decisions that you can make. That is how I see it and I don’t really think I am wrong.

Thanks for reading.

“The obstacle is the path”


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