Dead lifts, jump rope, overhead squats and fun.


I decided to take a break from the workout program I have been following to just change things up. I am not bored of it , I am very much into it  but I just needed to de-load for a week because I am at a point where it is a real grind. The program is basic and focuses on building strength and all my lifts are up and I am much stronger than where I started just a few months ago.  My problem was that I was getting a little too serious about the whole thing and needed this de-load week to just clear my mind a little. This  week is also a free for all week. I just do what ever I want. I’m going light with high reps and just having fun.

Two days ago I went real light with my dead lifts. I just put 225 on the bar and worked on my form and just blasted out a ton of reps. Great cardio! Afterwards I spent a little time doing jump rope which I love to do because it really works my calves. I did some resistance band training afterwards which was fun because I worked up a good sweat. I was just going to leave it at that and go shower up and I decided I felt so good I would do something else.

Overhead squats was the choice. I ended up going hard as hell on these. All the work before hand had me feeling limber and strong so when I started off with just the bar I was like “this is way too easy”. I started slapping on some small plates and just kept going up in weight. I was still keeping it light but 95 lbs at 20 reps is tough after doing the other work I did.

English: an exercise of thigh

Overhead squats, good for the core.

2 days later and man am I feeling it! All those reps!  The thing about going light was that I was just giving myself a break  but the steam engine in me said “rep it out dude” and I listened. I ended up getting in a killer workout that surprised me. The fact that I just did whatever came to mind lightened things up for me and I really just had fun with it. So I guess what I’m saying is ; lift heavy or lift light just make sure you work hard and try to enjoy yourself!


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