Three fit food basics to go by and Aspartame,is it worth the chance?

It is said that if you really want to eat healthy you should stay away from anything that is put into packages or cans or containers. Usually these foods are processed beyond what some feel is healthy. I believe this is true and I always try to go with the least most processed foods I can find. If you do choose to buy something that is sitting on the shelf just read the label and make sure it has just a few ingredients in it and that you know exactly what they are. What I mean by this is that some things can go into your body as one form but become something else as it passes through your liver and gets metabolized in your system. You need to know this. If you find an ingredient on the label and you are not 100% sure what it is. Look it up. Find out how the human body handles this ingredient and ultimately what effects it will have on you.

An example of one of these changeling ingredients is Aspartame. This is found in diet sodas and other zero calorie products. You can find it in sport energy drinks which I personally find disturbing because the consumer thinks they are doing the right thing but in truth they are better off just drinking something with sugar in it.

These energy drinks claim “zero calories,” that means they’re using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

Artificial sweeteners are  cooked up in labs. Aspartame does not exist anywhere in nature. It is a synthetic composite of three naturally occurring compounds. Laboratories synthesize it out of aspartic acid (40%), phenylalanine (50%), and methanol (10%).

Aspartic acid is an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter. Too much aspartic acid over stimulates your nerve cells to death. Methanol is highly toxic. It breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde in your body. Once your body absorbs this poison, it doesn’t leave easily.If you read a label on your drink that said contains formaldehyde would you drink it? But that is exactly what you are doing when you consume Methanol.

L-Aspartic Acid

L-Aspartic Acid (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This stick figure of an alien is what will come after you after you drink a diet soda. 

It would be unfair to not mention that Methanol is naturally occurring in things like fruit. It is actually produce from the pectin in the fruit. But their are studies that suggest that the methanol is accompanied by ethanol and this prevents the methanol from breaking down to formaldehyde. Also the amount of methanol in fruit and other foods is very slight and negligible. On the website they try to convince you that the amount of methanol in the sweetener is just as negligible but its not and that the problem.

This is where it gets tough to make an informed decision because there is plenty of information on both sides of the coin. But lets just stick to the basics and you won’t ever have to get caught up in the debate and drive yourself crazy.

Fit Food Basics

1. If it’s in a package or can or other container choose wisely. Look out for too many ingredients. Know what the ingredients are before you consume them.

2. If it’s man-made think twice then think again before eating or drinking it. If you have to watch your sugar consumption don’t take a chance with artificial sweeteners it’s not worth it. Drink water or just use a little honey, agave or stevia.

3. If you missed it I’ll write it again….DRINK WATER.

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