Sometimes ya just gotta do it rough.

After Hurricane Sandy blew through we had a couple huge trees come down in our back yard. After they were all cut up into big logs they sat in a pile for a while. The other day when it was good and cold out I threw on some heavy sweats and headed out to move the logs. For smaller logs I deadlifted them and then heaved them to my shoulder and carried them (strongman style). For the bigger ones I bear hugged them and then deadlifted them into a wheel barrow and then jogged it over to the log pile.

My neighbor came out who is a really cool guy and asked if I needed a hand. I thanked him for the offer and politely declined. He kinda looked at my weirdly so I felt inclined to tell him that I was working out. He started to laugh and said that moving that whole pile of wood was gonna wipe me out. I said ” I hope so”. He just didn’t get it and shook his head and went back inside.

It’s all about perception. He saw what I was doing as back breaking work that was nothing more than a nuisance and a chore. Being the great guy that he is, he felt sorry for me and offered to lend a hand. He certainly is not lazy and he knows how to work. He just didn’t get it that I saw this work as an opportunity to get in a good functional workout that would make me stronger and toughen me up a little.

I had no idea how long it was going to take. No idea of the actual weight I was lifting. The logs were awkward and the ground frozen hard with all sorts of undulations to make your footing shaky. I was cold at first but then I became overheated and felt sweat building up. I was pretty much uncomfortable to whole time. It ended up taking me about an hour and a half to get done and I felt like I got in a good workout. I loved it.

Some guys would hire someone to do that “shitty work” and then stay inside in the warmth. They wouldn’t want to take away from their precious workout or worse, their televisions. But I don’t see it that way. Working out is work , work is working out.  Sure I could deadlift way more weight when using an olympic bar and the weight is evenly proportioned but”sometimes ya just gotta do it rough”  (new life hardcore motto perhaps?). It builds up strength and toughness and it builds character… it keeps you out of trouble!

I know a guy who always hired someone to do things around the house. I’m not talking about finish work with trim or electrical or plumbing because I know that some people are not handy like that. I’m talking about grunt work. He paid someone to gut out his bathroom and put in a new one. I understand that he may have issues with putting in the new bathroom but he couldn’t gut it out?? There is no real thinking involved with it. You just start smashing shit and ripping it out. It’s good for you! Stop being lazy.

I love using my body for what it was intended for….working. At the end of the day I always feel better when my head hits the pillow. It’s all part of staying in an active lifestyle.

“The Obstacle is the path”


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