Foods containing Estrogen and foods that block estrogen(Updated)

I originally posted this before I came across more information that I felt was too important to leave out. I added this info and put it in red so you can see what was added. I should have done more thorough research before the original posting , that’s my fault and I will try to not make this mistake again in the future.

I did a little research to find foods that either increase testosterone or block estrogen. From that I compiled two lists for this post. The first list is foods that contain natural Estrogens. Now if your a guy reading this don’t get all psycho over this list. You don’t have to stop eating these foods. If you have a healthy endocrine system your body will naturally regulate your hormone levels properly. So if say you consume loads of food that contains plant estrogens that happen to increase your levels, your endocrine system will catch the increase through its bio feedback loop and regulate down its own natural production. The human body is always seeking a level of homeostasis to avoid too much or too little of a hormone. Of course the foods we eat can affect our bodies over time and I feel that consumption of plant estrogens can eventually cause a slight increase in levels of estrogen. For this reason I wanted to at least be aware of what foods may do this and try to limit them. Sorry if I am slightly contradicting myself but there is a lot of conflicting info out there to begin with. But the point I am trying to make is that if you are worried about causing your estrogen levels to increase from eating certain foods just don’t eat them all the time. Limit the amount you eat and you will be fine.

The second list is your Estrogen blockers. I was interested in this list because I just want to experiment with my diet to see if I can add something in that would block Estrogen, not entirely because as I said some estrogen is needed and besides, it’s impossible to completely block estrogen. I did not go to a doctor and have my blood work done and I am not trying to tell people how to improve on any hormonal imbalances or anything like that.  I’m just basically fooling around here. If you have issues don’t use this blog as advice, go see your doctor.

I started this search after a woman told me that her doctor wanted her to add soy to her diet to increase her estrogen . I figured I may not benefit from her diet and wanted to find foods that can improve my hormonal function better.

Foods Containing Natural Estrogens called phytoestrogens known as isoflavins which are plant based compounds that have a similar function inside the body as estrogen. (University of Maryland Medical Center)
A number of different foods and herbs are sources of natural plant estrogens, and can be very helpful during menopause, The following is a list of some of the best food sources of estrogen. These foods are also high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and essential fatty acids, and they are low in saturated fat. In other words, they are nutritious and should be part of your diet on a regular basis. Alfalfa
Animal flesh
Anise seed
Baker’s yeast
Cowpeas (black- eyed peas)
Dairy Foods
Olive oil
Red beans
Red clover
Sesame seeds
Soybean sprouts
Split peas
Sunflower seeds

Estrogen Inhibiting Foods

If you are suffering from breast cancer, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, and other situations that estrogen might exacerbate, the following estrogen inhibiting foods might be of interest to you.
Citrus Foods
Fruits (except apples, cherries, dates, pomegranates)
Green beans
White rice
White flour




bok choy and Brussels sprouts.

Citrus lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges.

Onion and Garlic.

Raw nuts and seed



Fish and seafood

Green leafy veggies

Seaweeds and algaes

Fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut and borsht



24 thoughts on “Foods containing Estrogen and foods that block estrogen(Updated)

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  3. I eat so many of the foods on the list of foods containing more estrogen. I appreciate the information in this blog, but what I found frustrating was that the list for estrogenic foods was far supperior in size than the estrogen inhibing list. Interesting though. thanks.

    • Yes your right and Im sure there is a more balanced list out there but that was the best my research provided. Now that you say this I will look into it more and see what I can find…Thanks for reading!

  4. the font on your website is way too small to read. if you want peole to be able to see the information it took you so long to compile, please go in and upgrade the font to at least 10. it looks to be around 6.


  5. Hi there, just wanted to point out that you got wrong on the garlic part. Garlic has 603.3mcg of phytoestrogens per 100 g. And also garlic belongs to the onion family so therefore there is a big chance that onion too has estrogen. Also you forgot to mention Fenugreeks; they are more powerful than fennels in producing estrogen to the body. Sorry buddy

    • Thanks! I appreciate this feedback as I find the more and more you look into this the harder it is to follow. For instance when considering the hormone feedback loop that your body has; to always maintain homostasis of your hormone levels your body will “correct” any overabundance of any one hormone. Example; if a man has too high of testosterone levels your body will convert it into estrogen. I dont know if it is the same for too high of estrogen levels (and if there is any difference if you are a male or female) and the body will convert this estrogen into something else.
      Also as I was looking into this it appears that phyto estrogens did not have the same impact once digested. By the time the liver does its thing the phytoestrogen is converted.
      As a man who loves garlic and its benefit for lowering cholesterol I am not too worried about this news you bring to me. According to another study Even if eating something that is loaded with a plant form of estrogen the body will produce less of its own estrogen in order to achieve homstasis.
      After reading and reading all these studies I concluded that they need to keep studying this subject….like a whole helluva lot more!

  6. I’m a little confused because some foods you have on both lists: garlic, olives, and pomegranates. I really need to to know which is it because I suffer from fibriods. So should I eat garlic, olives, and pomegranates or not?

    • I agree it IS very confusing. I don’t know if you read the whole post or not but I kinda covered all that. Since you have fibroids you should consult your DR. about it. I know that most Dr are not really going to help you with this detail though and that may be why you are trying to figure this out on the internet. Dr. are good at giving you meds but who knows about diet . So just keep doing your research.
      When I compiled these 2 lists things like garlic appear in both because it has estrogen (phyto estrogen) and it blocks it! Confusing is right.
      This is still not widely understood let alone by me.
      From what I was able to come up with is that most plants carry phyto estrogen. Does some of them carry some way of blocking it while containing it? Possibly.
      And As I said in my post, your body is always seeking to be at a level where it neither has too much or too little of a hormone (homostasis) . So the question is, if you avoid foods to avoid estrogen will your body try to increase it on its own??
      In my attempts to eat in order to improve my testosterone levels I have found that there is no way to significantly increase levels thru diet. So it may be the same for women who are trying to lower estrogen.

      Sorry , I know this doesnt help much but Im glad you wrote to keep this going. It would be great if we can figure this out !

      • I believe that overall -moderation is the key. If we suffer from a particular health issue, we need to do our best to reduce consumption of an item that is cross referenced, while not actually avoiding it completely. I am finding Latre in the game that We were healthier back in the day becasue we did not have fast food, packaged in plastic and Sterofoam, with a food supply laden with growth hormones, Steroids, Grain fed ( instead of grass fed) meat supply etc.. We cannot avoid this type of food consumption at every turn But we can control what we bring into our homes; thus reducing/limeting our exposure to a somewaht tainted food supply.
        microwves… don’t get me strated but… use glass or ceramic dishes and wax paper for reheats, again, it Reduces our exposure to the crap.

  7. I am finding your information interesting, not confusing. I currently eat a mostly Paleo style diet. Would it be safe to use your list alternating? Say eat the first list in concentration for 3 days and then the second list for 3 days? This would allow the body to absorb the nutrients from each list without blocking each other? I know this sounds very simplistic but both lists have excellent nutrients and both meet needs the body is in constant need of.

    • Thats some good thinking cause you are not eliminating good food from your diet and yet you are not allowing them to compete. I dont know if they actually do block each other but lets just assume that they do…. you got it covered!! Nice!
      What I also like with this idea as an added bonus is that you can see how you react to eating different foods ( energy levels and what not) and adjust them accordingly.
      Thanks for sharing!

  8. Why do some foods get listed twice as both an inhibitor and a promoter ? Garlic would be an example … Thanks! I’m confused :o)

    • This question has come up before and I dont know. Remember I am not Dr. I am a fireman. When I looked this stuff up I was trying to find ways to increase my testosterone thru food intake. If you started your search here I would say take it with a grain of salt and keep researching. If you find the answer please come back and let me know.
      Good luck & Thanks for reading

  9. It’s really very difficult in this full of activity
    life to listen news on Television, so I only use world wide web for that purpose,
    and get the latest information.

  10. Turmeric is actually used to decrease hair growth – hair growth is caused by androgen hormones, so doesn’t make any sense that something which decreases body hair would also decrease estrogen. After all estrogen does decrease body hair. There are other foods in the list of estrogen inhibitors that do help to increase estrogen levels, and many foods which helps the body to produce both hormones in balancing ways.

  11. Hi Fred. Thank you for your extensive research. I have gynae issues and in my experience eating foods that have high amounts of phyto estrogens certainly exacerbate those issues. Your info on foods that block estrogen has helped me to choose some different groceries and I will be interested to note their effect (or not! hopefully!). The foods i already eat in the “blocking” list i agree do not exacerbate my condition. By the way, i find your appealing humility when challenged so refreshing. That takes integrity, courage, honesty, collectively inner moral strength . So rare these days.

    • Hey Linda, Thank you very much for the nice words! Keep me updated as to how it goes, Im sure many others would be interested too as this has turned out to be my number 1 most popular post!


  12. My name is Abigail and i find your research very interesting.i was told i have Endometrosis, and now i am feeling relieved that using the food list would help eradicate it.I also heard that iodine has a way of shrinking it.How true is that?And if its possible then how can it be taken? Thank you Fred.

  13. Hi there…
    I have been doing a lot of research on Estrogen Inhibitors and noticed a few elements on your lists that are incorrect. Please do your research again and please change the list as it’s not a good idea for people to get the wrong information. OLIVE OIL, APPLES… These are estrogen inhibitors.

    If you can recheck your content and change that would be beneficial to people coming across your incorrect lists. Thanks in advance.

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