Hardcore occupations , The Battle of Blair Mountain

LIFEHARDCORE.COM is about living life the way you want to live it, not following the herd down the same boring path and ultimately to the same tired place where the rest all wind up……the forgotten prairies of mediocrity.


Life should be an adventure, full of surprise and unpredictability and plenty of mistakes. That’s right , mistakes. We get down on ourselves when we make mistakes but without them we learn nothing and gain very little. If you’re trying new things and constantly CHALLENGING THE ” NORM” you will make them and you will be judged by the rest of the herd.

I’m talking about the healthy mindset of being rebellious. Being one who performs critical thinking and staying away from those who just want to blend in and never challenge.


I chose a profession that is easy to call a “hardcore”  profession because I am a fireman and the job is physical,demanding,rewarding and sometimes dangerous. But what I deem as the “all hardcore package” is more than what you do for a living. Just because I am a firefighter doesn’t make me hardcore, in fact I only believe that I am on a path to being hardcore yet the journey will never end and I will always continue searching , even after I die.


So what I am saying is that anyone who is alive right now can be cutting edge and hardcore no matter what their occupation is. That’s because it’s how they live their lives on top of what they do for a living. It’s the way they balance all facets of their life and bring it all together………..this is the reason for this blog. Because I can never get enough of the inspirational true life stories that present themselves.


Just think about the kinds of work people do and what it takes to do the work. What it takes to become who they are and what they are. One of the most amazing stories of the world is the struggle of the poor to better themselves by working harder than ever to overcome obstacles. Take some time to research and you will see……


Consider the coal miners in the early 1900’s  who lived and worked in West Virginia. I was amazed to learn that they actually had a large scale armed revolt right there in their own back yards. This uprising is now called the Battle of Blair Mountain and although you can find the story on Wikipedia and in some songs , you won’t find it in school text books or in the movie theater although there was a documentary made. That’s because it is a story where the poor are trying to make a better living for themselves and the system destroyed them. In other words , it’s not the same ol’ fairy tale story they like to cram down our throats to make us feel good about our government and our corporations.

Sheriff's deputies fighting during the Battle ...

Sheriff’s deputies fighting during the Battle of Blair Mountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started over the fact they were trying to start a union. The coal company acted in a most draconian way and actually had employees forced out of their homes and they also hired a detective agency to assassinate union leaders!! Then it gets even worse. The local sheriff Sid Hatfield was gunned down in cold blood because he had turned down the usual coal company enticements to turn against the union, a clear message to anyone else thinking of descent.  This is right here in our own country! Less than a hundred years ago!


You have to read the story and then wonder how this was never made into a big Hollywood movie. They made a movie about the killing of Osama Bin Laden and they never were told the facts because it’s still a classified mission yet this story sits hidden in the folds of mainstream revisionist history and all the facts are right there to be seen and heard. Facts that clearly prove that the rebel is not wanted and will always be pushed out or destroyed.


Apparently this was a full scale armed revolt by 15,000 coal miners. They say over a million rounds were fired! The president sent in the army and used airplanes for surveillance and to drop a few bombs on the coal miners! The first and only time the U.S. Government dropped bombs on its own citizens……. WTF!!

The newspaper front page of those days called it “an industrial war” “fear of massacre of coal miners” and such.



UMW officials and members of the "miner's...

UMW officials and members of the “miner’s army” display a bomb dropped on them during the Battle of Blair Mountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
















Apparently trying to get a raise and some benefits was a little more tedious than it is today. Nowadays your boss may say “NO”, big deal right?But back in 1920……………

Modern day coal mining. Still hard and back breaking. Before the days of unionized labor these guys were paid very little and the conditions were so dangerous that death was quite common. The Battle of Blair Mt. was an attempt to change those conditions and although they failed their story has lived on as the true face of America …..the rebel and the hardcore.






















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