Squat Progress!!

Good squat form is to go below parallel . If you have to stop at parallel because you are afraid of hurting yourself then try to lower the weight until you feel comfortable in going ass to grass (ATG).

I Lift So I Can Eat.

Nearing the end of my first run with The Cube (from Brandon Lilly). This is week 7. So far, I have definitely been noticing improvements in:

  • endurance
  • training recovery/volume tolerance
  • strength
  • fat loss

I’ve been eating quite a bit without tracking and have managed to remain quite lean and haven’t really gone up in weight. I dare say I seem to have even leaned up some more. High volume is doing my body good!!

I also switched up my squat form slightly. Brought my feet in slightly and also turned my toes a little more forward so I am squatting less like a duck, hah. It’s working much better and my knees are tracking properly. Much more power out of the bottom, and a more upright position.

WEEK 7, DAY #3:


bar x bunch






More Squats:




Pause Squats: (Full…

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