We Are Creatures Of Habit

We tend to wake up and do the same routine at near the same time everyday.

And what happens if we miss the alarm?

Those of us who are serious about strength training will also PLAN to train at a specific time.

You KNOW some days that special time just isn’t going to happen.

Perhaps you show up to the gym and someone else is using the only piece of equipment you planned to use for your strength workout.

What do you do?

Do you walk out of the gym whining because you just couldn’t workout and then wait till the next day?

Or do you throw on your sweats and head to the nearest park to crank out a quick and ruthless BEAST workout in the field or on a playground?

Many will FAIL to grow and get stronger because they fear change in their mind.

Challenge your body and your mind, and question the way you do ALL of your training.

You may be missing more than you think.



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