Booty Blaster 4000

WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: BOOTY BLASTER 4000 designed by The Barbelle Credit for this whole post and her routine goes to her….I’m just the messenger.

I like designing my own workouts.  It’s a nice break from my usually very structured lifting routines and I’m pretty good at kicking my own ass.  Speaking of ass, I designed this workout to get mine ready for bikini season.  Below you’ll find the workout, along with an overview and a breakdown of each exercise component.  Try it and let me know how you liked it.

Note: author is not responsible for gagging or eye-rolling suffered as a result of workout nomenclature.


2 rounds for time. Run 1 lap (~150m) between each exercise.

25 Sumo Squats (18lb bar)
25 Push-ups
25 Jump Lunges
25 Kettlebell Swings (17.6lb)
25 Skaters
25 Slalom Jumps
25 Glute Kicks (per leg)
25 Jump Tucks
25 Clean and Press (18lb bar)


So here’s how it works: after a short warm up (a few laps around the track, 10 min on the treadmill, whatever floats your boat), you’ll do 25 sumo squats, then run a lap.  When you get back, do 25 push-ups.  Run a lap.  Lather, rinse, repeat; then do the whole sequence of 9 exercises again.  Time yourself so you can monitor your progress the next time you try it…and by all means, try to beat me – 44:23.


This is a full-body workout, no doubt about it, but these exercises are geared specifically toward strengthening and tightening the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  Ass and thighs, for the anatomically challenged.  In addition to sculpting a tighter, beach-worthy backside, you’re ramping up your body’s caloric expenditure by taking some of your body’s biggest, most powerful muscle groups to task.  That’s more bang for your buck in the gym.  The key is to stay focused – it’s you against the clock.

Sumo Squats
(Sometimes called Plie Squats) Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed out slightly.  Tighten your abs to stabilize your back and drop your butt until the crease at the top of your thigh is about level with your knee.  Squeeze your butt to raise yourself back to the starting position.  Beginners, skip the weight and just focus on form.

Keep your body line straight and strong – if you can’t do 25 in a row, break the set up into groups of 5 or 10.  If you can’t do a real push-up, try this version on your knees.

Jump Lunges
Watch your knees here or you’ll have a couple of suspicious-looking bruises just in time for shorts season.  Put your hands on your hips, your head, or wherever helps you to maintain balance.  For abonus shoulder workout, hold your arms straight out to either side.  Sound easy?  Ha.  Try it.

Kettlebell Swings
Don’t mistake this for a leg exercise – it’s as much about your core as it is about your legs.  Keep your abs tight and keep the movement of the weight controlled.  Do not lift the weight with your arms – it’s the thrust from your hips that pushes the weight forward.  Don’t let the bell come above shoulder level.  Again – it’s about control.

Ever watch speed skaters in the winter Olympics?  That’s the basic idea, only sans ice and skates.  Start out in a lunge with your left leg forward and bent at 90 degrees, only your right leg should extend back and to the left, like a skater (yeah, the analogy gets a little thin, I know).  Your upper body should be leaning down over your bent left leg, which by now should be bearing basically all of your bodyweight.  Your left arm is straight out behind you and your right arm extends toward the ground in front of you – touch the floor with each rep.  Now extend your left leg explosively up and to the right, landing gently on your right leg with the left leg now extended behind you, left arm extended to the floor in front of you and your right arm extending behind you.  That’s one rep.    This is a great exercise for stability, balance, and coordination in addition to leg and core strength.  Note: The girl’s execution in the video is a little weak, but it’s the best I could find – keep that back leg extended and strong.  LAZY SKATERS WIN NO MEDALS.

Slalom Jumps
Cue up another Olympics metaphor.  This time, you’re a skier.  Find a bench and jump over it, feet together, from side to side.  Bam.  Easy?  Nope.  Get ready for sweat.

Glute Kicks
Finally, a break.  On your hands and knees, kick one leg back at a time, squeezing your glute muscle as you do so.  Do 25 per leg however you like – one leg at a time, or alternating, just get ‘em done.  It’s a nice break from all the jumping and running, but make sure you keep your core tight and squeeze that butt.  Only kick your leg back as high as is comfortable for you.

Jump Tucks
Starting in a low squat position, explosively extend both legs, jumping upward and simultaneously tucking your knees up toward your chest.  Land softly on the balls of your feet and return to starting position.  This is one rep.  Some people hold their hands in front of them and tap their knees with each rep to make sure their knees are coming up high enough.  Others just try not to throw up.

Clean and Press
This is probably one of the most difficult exercises in this list to perform correctly, so if you’re unsure of form, perform several practice reps with a very light weight bar (and possibly trained supervision) before jumping into a full set.


I don’t have time.
Just eliminate a few of the exercises, or perform the exercises straight through without the running lap interval.

I can’t do one of the exercises.
Take it out, substitute another exercise, or just run another lap.

I don’t have any equipment.
You don’t need any.  With the exception of KB Swings and Clean and Press, you can perform the whole workout without weights or equipment of any kind.  Try substituting burpees, high knees, or a crunch variation.  You can also use a backpack full of books or rocks as your weight substitute.


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