Adapt and overcome!

When I entered the fire service we went through a boot camp style of training that ran for a long hard 6 months. It started in the very ,very cold month of January and we had PT every morning outside , down by the water front 7 am sharp. I still get a cold chill that runs up my leg , then up my back and into my brain every time I think about it.

Then we would do classroom work, eat lunch and then we would do practical training which was basically like doing PT again. When we finished out the day I would head home and have to do homework , eat dinner, and iron my uniform. By 8 pm I was seeing double and when my head hit the pillow it would seem like 15 minutes went by before I had to wake up again, at 4 am.

When our lives get turned upside down it is very common to try to get back to some familiar normalcy. By all means if you can find a vestige of normalcy , hold on to it. But don’t long for it. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by what once was. Otherwise this new twist will get you dizzy as can be.

What my old training chief from my recruit days would always say is “Adapt and overcome”. He said it often as he would watch us struggle to learn the basics to the art of firefighting. Eventually it stuck in my head. I say it often  nowadays when ever I am confronted with new challenges.

Well my newest challenge has arrived into my life last week and that’s the challenge of being a brand new father! This will be the greatest challenge of my life but a pleasurable one. I will be a father for the rest of my life. For many years to come I will face all the challenges that come with the territory. And when I do face these challenges I will always think it out the best I can, seek advice whenever I can and ADAPT AND OVERCOME!

Sleepless and tired  since the baby was born the days are going by in a blur. But my wife and I are starting to get a routine going. We are slowly becoming efficient parenting machines. As far as my training is going……it’s not. Lack of productive sleep doesn’t combine well with heavy squats and dead lifts.

But today I snuck in a 10 min work out while I was taking out the garbage and straightening  up the garage. I did a sand bag workout right out side the garage door in my jeans and leather shoes. It was spontaneous. I walked past the sand bag and I heard it calling out to me. I just said hell with it and started throwing it around until I was sweating , tired and breathing heavy.

A 10 min workout ain’t much but it is the foot in the door I was looking for to get back on track with my training.

I’m psyched! I’m gonna do it again! Adapt and overcome


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