Top 10 genetically modified foods.

The GMO issue is still running hot and it seems that more people everyday are turning their backs on the science that was once touted “the cure for world hunger“. Since genetically modified foods were first introduced (snuck in quietly) into our food supply about 15 or 20 years ago the alternative media outlets have cried foul.  But today even mainstream media has begun to address this issue.

I wanted to point out that the main company who is mostly responsible for GMO food is Monsanto. So they have everything to gain $$$ from GMO’s and everything to loose $$$$ if they are or are not sold to the populace. So when you read a piece about how safe GMO food is and they refer to studies that prove it, don’t settle for that at face value. Instead , dig a little deeper and ask what exact study are they referring to . Because 99 times out of 100 the study thats being used to prove that GMO’s are no more harmful than non-GMO food, is a study that was done by Monsanto.


GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM (Photo credit: live w mcs)

So lets just pontificate on this  for a moment………. Monsanto sells it’s own proprietary GMO seeds and along with those seeds its own pesticides and herbicides to farmers all around the country. Of course the FDA is looking out for you so they asked for proof that GMO’s are safe. So Monsanto did a 3 month study all on their own without any independent supervision and produced the proof they need to sell their product.


Sure they did a study. But that doesn’t mean that you can trust their findings. Why? Because they stand to make a fortune . Because of that you can never trust what they say. But never mind shear logic although I can’t see why anyone would refute what I am writing. The bottom line is that scientific studies have no merit when the study is done by the party that has financial gains to be made. That’s an obvious conflict of interest that the FDA has completely ignored but not the scientific community. In other words according to the scientific community the only way to trust the product is to have an independent study done. unfortunately any independent studies that have been done have showed that GMO food is questionable  in terms of its short-term and long-term safety. So if any of those studies were used the FDA wouldn’t be able to approve GMO’s for humane consumption.

You simply can not trust Monsanto’s science and their studies because they do not follow proper efficacy and you can’t trust the FDA either. Oh and by the way, FDA members were once former Monsanto high management employees and vise versa which is another big time conflict of interest. There is a right way and a wrong way to do something and this is all just plain wrong.


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