Muscle Makers eat your heart out.


The health food style slow food chain Muscle Makers does get my buisness quite often as they are strategically located very close to my always hungry stomach. I decided to go rouge and make my own version of their Arizona which is simply chicken, turkey bacon, brown rice, green onion,diced tomatoes and their super secret sauce that no one knows whats in it.

Although not organic the turkey bacon is a brand that is free of nitrates and it is also free range. I also use.  organic brown rice and organic tomatoes. Throw in some scallion and a little garlic and you have the easy part done.

the hard part is trying to copy Muscle Makers Secrete sauce. All I can tell you is that it looks like Russian dressing but it tastes like south western. i pretty much reside in the fact that I will neve copy this sauce and have just hunted high and low for a close replacement.

thats the hard part. Just going off the shelves at the grocery store I can only find bottles of your usual south western and chipotle type marinades and they do not deliver any health benefited because of all the crap they put in them.. So  I just grab whatever looks best….what can I say.

images (2)mmg


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