Who lurks behind the curtain. The real owners of your organic food. Must read.

The organic food industry provides an alternative for consumers who take their diets and nutrition very seriously. As seen by their popularity , organic foods are clearly in high demand. But is your favorite organic food company really owned by a giant corporate food processor who spends big money on keeping NON- GMO labeling off of their other products? The chart below shows how the big yellow circles ( the food processor companies) own all the smaller green circles (organic food companies). If anything this is good stuff to know. Obviously if you want organic and these are your ONLY choice then I would buy them. But if you can find a truly independent organic food company that is not owned by one of these big companies in the yellow circles then buy that brand instead.

What I am advocating is consumer activism. Let’s try not to support these big trans national corporations that care little about our health and more about making maximum profit.


For a larger chart to read click HERE



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