Sand bag training

 I train at home in my basement. I squat in a power rack and I dead lift right off the floor. I have enough room for a stationary bike and the ceiling is just high enough for me to jump rope. I just spent the past 8 months down there training hard and getting it in…No Excuses!!!

But I decided to add sand bag training into my fitness routine so that I can bring it outside into the warm fresh air. I have other plans too. I found a place that has those big tractor tires that you can flip around. I have to go pick one up and I also want to either make or buy a Prowler or weight sled so that I can push up and down my street .

Anyway those are my plans. Meanwhile I needed to get in a workout after a few weeks off after my wife had a baby. I have been tired due to the typical lack of sleep situation that you run into when you have to take care of a newborn. When I am tired , like dog tired, I usually do not train. What’s the point? But laying around for 2 weeks was also just killing me. So on a nice day I said to hell with it , I’m training! So I grabbed the sand bag and got in a decent workout. A few days later I was able to get in another workout and that time I added some more moves and more intensity.

 My verdict. It’s awesome! If you are interested in doing something a little different  then either make your own sand bag or buy one. I was going to make one but then decided to just buy one figuring having one less project would actually do me good at this time of my life. I live near the beach so you know where I got the sand from but you can get the sand at a hardware store for cheap too.

 If you look on You Tube there are plenty of videos that show you how to use a sand bag for training. You will see that it’s all the same lifts, squats, lounges,dead lifts, overhead press etc. but its got a different feel to it. If you squat regulary you’ll be surprised at even though the sand bag weighs less than what you are squatting on a barbell , it can start to feel pretty heavy when you get down to business.

Basically , sand bagging puts the WORK back into the word WORKOUT cause thats what it feels like….WORK. You just pick the bag up and do what you gotta do. I didn’t monitor my reps or my sets. I just threw it around and did stuff till I was tired. And I got tired pretty quick too.

Try it , You’ll like it.


4 thoughts on “Sand bag training

  1. I used to use a sandbag! Lost it when I moved from Chicago to Virginia, but now you’ve got me missing it pretty badly. It’s true – wears you out and works you in ways a barbell just can’t. Hardcore!

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