Your Excuses Expose Your Mindset

Thought this would be a good follow up to my last post .



Making excuses is almost second nature to most people today.   Listen to almost any conversation and you will be bound to pick up a sprinkle of interwoven excuses.  An excuse tries to explain away a fault or inaction, in such a way as to exempt you from any guilt or blame.  Have you noticed that people never make excuses for success or good things?  They take personal responsibility for those!   People only use excuses for things they messed up on, don’t want to do or didn’t do.  When you think about it, your excuses expose your mindset.


Excuses are not the same as reasons.  There may be valid reasons for not being able to do certain things.  Excuses are used when you really could do something, but did not.


Excuses Have Become Habitual

Few people accept a straight “yes” or “no” as an answer, a “because ….”…

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