Your Thinking and Mindset Control Your Whole Life

And this one too!


Your quality of life is created by a chain reaction of events.  Your thinking and mindset form the roots that produce the fruits in your life.  The fruits of life will always reflect your mindset.  Where you are today, the success you reach and the differences you make in life are all connected to your mindset.  Your internal beliefs control your unconscious thinking, your thinking controls your emotions, your emotions direct your actions and your actions produce your outcomes in life.

Your Mind is Like a Massive Filing System

  • Every thought and experience you have ever had, has been filed away in your mind ready to be used as a reference for anything that occurs.
  • Your mind is constantly sifting through past experiences, relating them to present circumstances to make instant recommendations for action.
  • Recommendations for action are felt as emotions or feelings.  Emotions are what prompt you to act…

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