hard′-core′ adj. 1. unswervingly committed; uncompromising

What is Life Hardcore? 

Life Hardcore is many things.

It is a reference for mainly unbiased knowledge on fitness and nutrition and within those aspects the need of both in the fields of firefighting,law enforcement, military and those who want to kick ass in life.

It is a forum where those who see things similarly can come together to learn and talk about training and network.

It is a mindset or philosophy that focuses on setting goals and intensely attacking them with tenacity. It is a physical prowess of muscularity achieved through strength training instead of aesthetic or vanity training. It is a community that welcomes all with support and kind words. Life Hardcore is an idea put into your mind that you have the ability to be great, but you first need to believe it and then work for it.

What isn’t Life Hardcore? 

Life Hardcore is not based on a  “better than thou” belief. My way is not the best. If I do not say it right , it does not mean that it’s wrong either.

Life Hardcore isn’t here to accept the “I Can’ts” or the “it’s too hard” crowed. It’s also not here to show you the easy way to doing something. Life can be hard, there are no shortcuts worthwhile.

What is the Life Hardcore Program?

There isn’t one. I follow programs from well-known athletes. I have a few favorites, just ask me and I will share. I can just tell you what works for me.  Life Hardcore aims to teach those if they are new or “shoot the shit” with those who have been around. I want to discuss the fundamental information of strength and conditioning instead of stock programs that people follow without question.


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