A reblog worth a read,Hackettstown Strength Coach: 10 Things My Daughter Will Learn From Me

Mike over at Activate Fitness wrote this and I think it is really good. Since I have a newborn daughter myself I am moved to re blog it here and pass along this great wisdom. It will also be what I pass along to my daughter when she gets a little older.

Hackettstown Strength Coach: 10 Things My Daughter Will Learn From Me.

Being a new father with a small business and a full time has proved to be really tough. Time doesn’t last long enough to tackle projects that need attention and the grass grows a little longer. Fatigue has set in and the emotional energy that once made me fired up to crush life has slowed down, in need of a much desired boost.

Despite the hectic schedule and non stop work I manage to see what’s going on around the world and I continue to learn everyday. It is important to me that my daughter doesn’t grow up to become a worker bee in this nation that does as told and follows the leader. We live in a new world that many keep resisting or fail to see and I will not allow her to ignore it. Below are 10 things I will teach my daughter.

1. Never Give Up

If you want to be a professional athlete or a best selling author, never give up. It will get tough and break you down in ways I’ll never understand but if you want something bad enough go after it and never quit.

2. Don’t listen to People who Tell You that you can’t do something.

They are just too weak to try it themselves and it makes them feel better saying that. You can do anything you want.

3. Love Learning

And not what they teach you in school. Read important books and read them twice, three times, heck even four. Always make your own decisions on what you learn and don’t just accept something you hear elsewhere without putting your own thought into it.

4. Pray

I don’t care if you believe in God or not. Pray. To your mind, to the universe, to me. Pray for what you want and for the strength to always kick ass.

5. Exercise and Never Stop.

A strong body and a strong mind put together will make you indispensable. Train hard and always stick with it. Don’t give up. See #1. Don’t end up like many people at 30 or 40 years old on the brink of death totally unconditioned. Compete with your fitness as well for fun and for the health of your mind. Watch Daddy and when you’re ready… ask him to join in.

6. ASK Questions and For Help.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help. So many people go through life never raising their hands saying “please help me”. Mommy and I are here for you. Ask us anything. We’ll never judge you and your decisions are your own. To continue to learn and be the best version of yourself you’ll need help and you’ll need to ask questions. Do it.

7. Never settle for anything less than what you want.

You don’t need to go to college to get a good job and find a nice man so you can get married and buy a house and raise a family if you don’t want to. Follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy. Always strive to improve. Learn about the power of money and never settle for liabilities. Understand assets.

8. Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Media and TV.

Turn it off. Don’t read the newspaper if it’s bad news. Don’t listen to news on the radio or watch it on television. It aims to dumb you down and hold you back from trying. Make your own news.

9. Don’t Worry About What Others Think.

Too many people walk around with body image issues or thoughts that people hate them or they aren’t worthy of someone else’s attention or interest. You’re perfect.. you just need to believe it for yourself.

10. Be Positive.

Life is definitely very hard at times. People die and friends come and go. You may fail at school and never reach a goal of yours. Brush it off your shoulders and continue to be positive because it all doesn’t even matter. You are Happy. Right now and forever. As long as you feel it and believe and maintain an overall healthy positive attitude you will always smile.

Welcome to this new world of ours. The sky was once the limit. Now, you can shoot through the moon and steal the stars. Life will be tough for you but keep your head held high, take time everyday for yourself in  peace and quiet and imagine all you ever wanted. Fight forward and move the chains. One step at a time. Remember, you are happy. Live in the now.



Read more from Mike, Click here.


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