In the World of ” Fitness Gurus ” and dietary advice around every corner, it is difficult to know what is right and wrong,
And there is a lot wrong. There are many sources of information out there that pump out BS that is
nicely filled out with small truths to sound more convincing. This is a classic advertising trick that
has been used throughout the ages, with great success also.

The bitter truth is that exercise and diet is SIMPLE, however it requires a lot of work and effort,
something that does not sell well nor sound very appealing to the “I want it easy crowd”.
“This is hard work” will never be used as advertising slogans to the crowd.
There is no miracle cure, secret trick or shortcut to getting in shape.

The purpose of this site is to discuss diet and training that WORKS for the long term.
You will find no abundance of superlatives here. No shortcuts. No miracle. No fabrications.
Only proven methods that work  for both amateurs and athletes at the elite level.


LIFE can be HARD to the CORE so you gotta live Life Hardcore

“The Obstacle Is The Path”



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