Beat The Tire

 Often seen in the cross fit/functional strength realm the beating of tires with a maul is also a widely used form of conditioning used in the fire service. During our training academy phase we would beat the tire every day.

During the afternoon of my last shift I decided to relive those days and let these tires know whose boss.

This is a great shoulder and back exercise and it also gives you some good cardio. Which is great for firefighter fitness. More importantly it helps protect your joints and ligaments so when it’s 3 am at a working fire you have a better chance of staying injury free. It’s all about that fire ground conditioning!

Working out on shift is sort of a go by feel kind of thing. If you workout and leave everything you had in the weight room you may be too tired to work at a 4 alarm fire later that day. So basically you better suck it up if there’s work to be done. Last thing out of your mouth should be  I’m too tired to work chief.



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