Delete Soda

How come in society we preach so much about the well being of our children? Wanting our children to be healthy and educated, and be active and not sit in front of the TV or playing video games all day. Yet we do not do much to help them stay healthy and the advertising industry realizes that. We want a healthy life for kids and don’t want them to fall prey to alcohol or tobacco so we all banned together and snuffed out the tobacco ads on TV, we capped the bottles on liqour advertising in most public forums, but yet there is still one killer on the loose that no one seems to stand up to and that is the fast food and soda industry.

These industries prey on children, they realize adults are getting smarter about their own health so they target the adolecnt youth of today who do not know right from wrong.  As parents you look for the quick and easy way out when your kid whines when they are hungry or thirsty so you get them the fast food with soda. The marketing is all based around children which is insane, we as Americans have done this our whole existance we prey on the weak.

A 1999 study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest,  in 1978, the typical boy in the US drank about seven ounces of soda every day; today he drinks nearly three times that amount. Soda consumption for girls have nearly doubled in the same time period. teenagers are now drinking almost five cans of soda a day which is about 10 teaspoons of sugar per can! EXCESSIVE SODA CONSUMPTION IN EARLY CHILDHOOD CAN LEAD TO CALCIUM DEFICIENCY AND GREATER LIKELIHOOD OF BROKEN BONES. Twenty years ago teens drank twice as much milk as they did soda now they drink twice as much soda as milk.

One of the most disgusting acts by soda corporations ever is they are promoting toddlers to drink their soda. About one fifth of the nations 1- 2 yr olds are drinking soda.Munchkin Bottle Company Inc. has worked out a deal to license their logo to Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and 7up to encourage kids to drink their soda, and it worked they found many people had been feeding their babies  soda out of these bottles.

We as parents/adults need to step in and take down these giants as we did to some in the past. We can’t just blame the companies though, this is a 2 way street and if some parents are that lazy and nieve to think 10 teaspoons of sugar is good for a 2 yr old then they need to be educated in nurtition for kids. We need to start taking a stand to give our youth a healthier life, to live longer.

I can tell you that when I was growing up I drank nothing but soda and other sugary drinks. I wish my parents actually knew better and stepped in and kept me from drinking it. I WISH!

I would like to hear what others have to think. Shoot me an email or leave a comment


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