Top 5 – The best mass builders

best mass builders

If you had to limit yourself to just 5 exercises , this is what you should choose.

5-Military Press

Nothing builds a pair of massive shoulders like this exercise. Shapely shoulders are
a necessary part of a good physique.


Pull-ups are the secret in the pursuit of a real V-shape. Grip slightly wider than shoulder width and pull yourself up to
your chin to the bar.

best builders pull-ups

3-Bench Press

Perhaps the most famous exercise ever. Bench press will build you the chest
you’ve always wanted. It’s the only chest exercise you need.

Bench Press

Bench Press (Photo credit: Joey Day)


The king of leg exercises. Every muscle from the waist down to the toes may work in momentum.
Shut up and Squat!

Best builders squats


Deadlift, deadlift and deadlift. Had the world’s athletes had to choose only one exercise, it would have
been the deadlift. Virtually the entire body has to work in this king of exercise.
It is very important to perform deadlifts with proper technique. So if they are new to you, read up and start light!

There you have it!


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