Does Mr. Righteous Muscles Have a Middle Name? Is It “A” For Awesome or “A” For Another Word?

There are some really good fitness blogs out there that not only give you good advice about training and diet but also on how to live life. I introduced one of them a couple of posts back when Mike Corona of Activate Fitness came aboard to write about how to exercise and stay fit when there is a newborn in the house. For any of us these are the blogs that you as an individual can relate to best. It seems that no matter what the main crux behind the author’s blog is, there is always a particular crowed out there who will gravitate towards its message. So this brings me up to my point of this post and I will not try to be delicate. Some blogs are written by very successful body builders that are jacked and stacked beyond what most any of us can ever hope to  achieve. They are elite athletes at best and very lucky to have superior genetics at the very least. They are proud of all the hard work they put into their development that sometimes takes decades to achieve and they do have some great advice to give to anyone caring to listen. But some of these very same authors also have a way of diminishing any of the respectable hard work many people put into their own training just to make themselves look like they are the best.

One blog that I have read very often (not saying names here) stressed that unless you are competing in a power lifting competition you shouldn’t be taking pictures of yourself and posting them because you are not reaching your potential and no one is tuning in to see mediocrity. The technical advice on this forum was great but it was that other shit that really started to turn me off. For me I am not interested in training for competitions. I have found plenty of challenging things just living life, like most people.

I started working out after high school which was a little too late really but hey it’s better than nothing. I was skinny and whenever I wanted to meet a girl I saw that my competition had muscles and that the girls were looking at those guys, not me. So I started drinking milk and picking up weights. After I put on about 15 lbs I started to look better and I became more confident. For a guy in his 20’s this was all I needed. Hello ladies (yeah right!).

By the time I hit my 30’s I was a new member of the fire service. The thought of having such an action packed job was electrifying! I felt like I won the lottery because I had to beat out hundreds of other candidates. After about 10 or 11 years of weight training and mountain biking I was in the best shape of my life. If I had not started working out at age 19 I probably wouldn’t have had the right fitness to get on the job to begin with. To put it bluntly, wanting to get laid turned out to be the thing that got me my dream job!

So let’s go back to the author of the blog that says ” you aint nutin unless you compete and show some big muscles”. Look we all have our dreams and goals in life and just because yours or mine or hers or his are not aligned with Mr. Righteous Muscles over here doesn’t mean that our physical fitness is anything to scoff at. Some people work very hard in the gym and they have shown great results from it. They have overcome many things in their lives and the fact that they train regularly without fail is a great accomplishment and if they are proud of their bodies enough to post a pic, let ’em have it for cryin’ out loud! I do know people who compete. Big strong oxen who can squat and dead lift small cars if they wanted to and they do not look down on others because they don’t share in the same interests. Everyone is different.

Nowadays when I train I am always thinking about how it will affect my performance on the job. Being as physically strong as possible makes my job easier. I was once friends with a nurse who did the same. She worked out because she didn’t want to blow out her back when lifting a patient. Or take for instance my wife who worked out right up to 2 days before she had our baby, she is already back into fighting shape only a short month after the birth. She intends on staying in shape the rest of her life so that she can always do the things that she wants to do without getting tired. Plus she looks good!

I am not a doubter of my abilities but practically speaking , I am never going to dead lift 500 or 600 lbs to beat some other guy in a competition but I can do a pretty good job of dead lifting 400 lbs and I credit my strong well protected back to it. If the need for me to ever have to pick up a 225 unconscious person should ever arise I can do it and maybe I can keep myself from getting hurt in the process. If someone spends countless hours every day behind a desk wants to do squats at the gym at the end of the day and they look and feel great then give them the credit they deserve. Just because they don’t look like you and because they don’t compete doesn’t mean they are mediocre.

From all this is the very reason I started Life Hardcore. The message is right in the name. Mr. Righteous Muscles says he is hardcore all the time because he competes. I am impressed by what he can do physically but he does it under all the right conditions. The nurse I spoke of earlier worked long shifts through the night. She would be tired and mentally stressed. Maybe she didn’t have enough to eat or she was forced to eat something not very healthy and right before her shift was over a heart attack victim winds up in the ER.He happens to weigh a whole lot more  than her and she has the mental and physical fortitude to perform a lift of the victim from one stretcher to the next and care for them . Thats friggin impressive too!

Crackin on people because they don’t live up to what you think they should be is counter intuitive to the point of having a fitness website. Now, if these individuals were to ask the all mighty fitness guru what they can do to reach the next level, what would they expect to hear? Maybe they would hear this; “well you are never gonna be awesome like me so don’t ask and just worship me instead.” That’s even if the person wants to ask by that point of course.

A person with average genetics and a high pressure job may be working harder in the gym than Mr. Righteous Muscle who has superior genetics and work schedule that affords them hours at the gym (run on sentence…who cares I’m trying to make a point here!).  In fact I know a guy that works 2 jobs to support his family and still manages to work out 2 times a week for about an hour. Both of his jobs involve a lot of manual labor and he manages to find energy to train. Sure it would be better if he could train 3 times a week but his family has to see him some times right? He is actually one of my inspirations behind the Life Hardcore idea, not the semi-pro weight lifter that owns a gym and works out all the time. That guy has it easy! And all I have to say is that you better be really huge and ripped if you have access and convenience like that!


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