The Heat is On! Water the Essential Supplement

Featured Image Since I started my career as a firefighter almost 10 years ago I have developed a love hate relationship with summer. On one hand when I’m not at work I love the warm days hanging at the beach and those great summer nights ! On the other hand when I am at work I absolutely hate the summer. Just going out on a routine call like a false alarm produces enough sweat to completely drench your station wear underneath your heavy turnout gear. I am constantly changing my cloths and running the washer during the hot days of the year.

Our turnout gear is designed to protect us from the severity of being close to the fire and also doubles as some really tough coveralls to protect our skin from cuts and abrasions. But what makes this outer layer of armor so great for those instances also makes it the perfect body heat trapper. When its hot and humid we sweat like no tomorrow!

It is essential as you already know to drink plenty of water no matter what you do. If you workout make sure you are getting enough water during the hot months. My normal intake of water is about a gallon to a gallon and a half plus some juice and tea, during the winter. During the summer I drink 2 gallons of water . At the fire house I probably will do close to 3 gallons of water in a 24 hr period.

Speaking of water, I do not trust bottled water or tap water. I stopped drinking it from the bottle because who can really say where its true origin is from? Also the plastic releases BPA into the water which is horrible for your health and lastly even though there is recycling plenty of plastic bottles wind up in land fills,on the side of the road and in our oceans,rivers and lakes. I’m sick of looking at trash when I go fishing or camping!

Tap water is full of contamination so I filter it and then transfer it into reusable 1 gallon BPA free jugs and portage my water around where ever I go. Also one of the guys at work installed an under sink water filter at our firehouse. Hopefully by filtering my tap water I am at least cutting down the amount of pollutants I consume. I would still prefer just pure unpolluted water over filtered water any day but we all know that pretty much all the water is polluted nowadays so forget that pipe dream.


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