Benefits of a Victory Garden

What is so hardcore about gardening? What is hardcore is not the garden but the family that made the garden, read on…….

This post falls into the category of nutrition but it also  considers the idea that humans are not meant to conform to artificial parameters set by society.

One thing that I have only touched upon here on my forum is that I love rebels! Conformity is fucking boring.

Think of all the stories you hear. All the movies you have watched. What was interesting? What grabbed your attention the most?

A story about someone who goes along with everything and doesn’t stand out but instead blends in is just not gonna sell movie tickets.

It is always the renegade who lives their lives with sincere passion that stirs our emotions and the story allows us  to vicariously live the moment before we reside back into our safe  but dull lives.

An eyesore? Not for me. Just makes me hungry.

Here’s an example of what I’m saying. This family wanted to take advantage of using their sun filled front lawn to grow a healthy organinic & Non-GMO garden. But this runs against the grain of the conformist model where everyone has a barren green lawn.

Just to have this nice little garden which is useful this family had to deal with a bunch of horse shit from the town and some of their neighbors.

If you’re interested you can read their blog yourself to get the whole low down on what they were up against and how they made out.

So some people ask, “why a garden on the front lawn?”

Here are some reasons I came up with.

Benefits of a victory garden:

1) Your veggies are on display. Your neighbors can see what you have and offer something to trade from their garden.

2) Instead of wasting time and calories cutting a lawn you get good healthy calories from it instead and then have more time to work out!

3)Saves room in your back yard so your kids can run around and play!

4) To have a “perfect” lawn you need to spray with pesticide/herbicides (Round Up made by Monsanto) that contaminate the planets water supply and food supply. Your kids or pets can’t go on a lawn thats covered in dangerous chemicals!

5) Makes you more independent.

6) Saves you money! Have you seen the price of food lately?

7) Using age-old techniques you can run an organic Non – GMO garden. No need for dangerous chemicals. As a basic human right you should have a choice as to what you put in your body.

8) Cultivating your own land is a great activity to share with your family. This time is great for getting the family closer and bonding.

9) In order for supermarkets to supply all of this food they have to ship it in from all around the world. A victory garden can lessen the amount of fossil fuels burned.

10)  As humans we are naturally rebellious . Suppressing our need to reach out beyond artificially set parameters is unhealthy. It is this rebellious attitude that has created some of the greatest moments of our entire history. Ever hear the expression “thinking outside of the box”? Well there you go.

Having imagination is what separates humans from the rest of the animals. If we close our eyes we can imagine great things. If we put our heads together and use visionaries as our leaders we can bring the imagined to life. Visionaries are the great people who can get you to see the same abstract thought or idea that they are seeing.

Conformity crushes imagination.

Thanks for reading!

“The Obstacle Is The Path”

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One thought on “Benefits of a Victory Garden

  1. You forgot to mention the conversation piece. People used to spend more time on their front porches and have conversations with their neighbors. Look at the older homes, big front porch. Newer homes? No porch. What’s up with that? We learn from one another when we talk to one another.

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