Not feeling 100% ??

So you are sitting there and you feel a little sluggish and maybe a little foggy in the head? Maybe you had big plans for your day but you can barely get up out of your seat? A little irritable , a little stiff, just plain out of it?

Many thing can contribute to these feelings. Some serious and some not so serious. But lets approach this logically and systematically.

Just like when you take a brand new tv out of its box and try it out and it doesn’t turn on, you go to the manual to see what it could be. The first thing you read is “Is your TV plugged in?”

We always laugh at this because of course it is…..or is it?

Never overlook the obvious.

This is human nature to over think things and jump to conclusions. Right away there is something wrong if we don’t feel our normal selves.

All of the symptoms I described above are also signs that you are either hungry or dehydrated or both.

But you say, “But I just ate and I had two big glasses of water, it can’t be that!”

Here’s the thing about that. When it comes to hunger your body is looking for proper nutrition. Hot dogs and soda for lunch will deliver zero nutrition to your body. In fact that kind of lunch will rob you of your vitality! Even something a little healthier like a turkey sub on a white roll can throw a wrench in your bio-mechanical machine works. That white sub roll delivers zero nutrition as well and all it does is glut up your digestive tract and converts to sugar which spikes your insulin. Once the sugar burns off you feel very tired afterward. Also a lot of people put mayo on there subs. Mayo sucks because they make it with a lot of cheap cheap oil that just gets in your system and shuts it down. Plus Mayo has an additive that is added to it called propyl gallate which in studies has shown it to have estrogenic properties.

As far as drinking water goes the best way to stay properly hydrated especially in the warmer months is to drink a lot and drink often. Thirst is a delayed response and if you only drink when you are thirsty then you will always be behind the eight ball. If you feel crappy and your pee is yellow then you may just need to drink some water. Drink up till your pee turns clear and then drink some more.

If you eat good nutrient dense food and drink lots of filtered water then you should start feeling like your old self in no time. If not and the same symptoms persist then consider speaking with a nutritionist who can find out if you have certain food allergies that are causing these feelings. Also , this would be the time to go talk to your doctor and maybe get a check up.


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