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Juicing Review & Juicing Foods High In Estrogen

After about a hundred Carrot,Apple and Ginger Juices and throwing away all that pulp I really had to stop and FINALLY THINK! Juicing is very expensive and it is a waste of calories. A Waste of money & food. That’s all it is.

Now if you blend or pulverize the entire veggie and drink the juice AND the pulp, that’s a different story.

I guess I was suckered in by all the hype like everyone else.

I did some research and if you are doubting what I am saying then you should to. Just look up what nutrients are in the pulp of said veggies or fruit. When you find out you will cringe at the thought of the sheer waste of vitality that was dumped in the garbage.

Even if you are trying to lose weight it is still stupid to juice. Removing the pulp just allows your body to suck up the sugars in the juice. With the pulp present it slows down the sugar absorption, making it low glycemic.

Where juicing comes in handy is when you want to heal yourself. When we eat, even healthy food, our liver is working hard to metabolize what you are consuming. Along with your liver  the rest of your body is hard at work in the digestion process. By juicing you are getting the closest thing to an IV as you can. You will skip the middleman and pump nutrients (and sugar) right into your blood stream and give your taxed digestive system a good rest.

I would say that juicing veggies , not fruit, is a better choice because fruit is full of sugar. But why throw away the pulp ?? That pulp is fiber and it is good to get fiber. The only thing we would be overlooking is that you can juice a very large quantity of something and get a mega dose of nutrients. You can juice an entire package of celery for instance and drink it down but who would ever eat an entire pack of celery? So that’s a good thing but that becomes very expensive and certainly won’t help out your hunger. In fact if you are on a diet and you rely on juicing then you will run the risk of making yourself hungry and wind up bingeing later on in the day.

Juicing and foods that are high in estrogen.

Lots of fruits and veggies are known for having the potential for increasing your estrogen. If this is a concern then you would be wise to know which fruits and veggies are responsible and avoid them and especially not juice them! For all the same reasons why juicing can deliver a mega dose of nutrients it can also do the same with plant based estrogen which some studies have shown can increase estrogen in men and women . I wrote a post about these foods and you can view it here.

A Better Idea

A better idea would be to process the entire fruit or vegetable pulp and all and consume it this way. You are still breaking open the cells of the plant and grinding up the fiber into a pulp but allowing the pulp to remain so that it can play its roll in slowing down the absorption of sugars too quickly. Basically it’s a happy medium. Problem solved.

Erica Blockman. Winner of the 2013 NPC Junior Nationals

Erica Blockman moved from figure competition to physique competion this year and wound up winning the 2013 NPC Junior Nationals!

You can see a video of her the day before she won by clicking  here.

Erica looking good as a fitness competitor , very muscular and defined.

Erica had to put on more mass to move up to the physique level of competition ,as you can see from this pic her arms and legs are bigger.

The danger that you embrace.


Every day tens of thousands of athletes from beginner to pro to industrial are risking their necks when they are trying to be healthy, fit and at their best. Exercise is inherently dangerous, that’s right! Whether you are running, swimming, riding a bike, squatting, dead lifting, jump roping, boxing, or doing a shuttle run you are putting yourself in harm’s way in one form or the other.

It’s hard to see that doing something that is positive and healthy can also lead you to a torn ligament,sprain,fracture,contusion,abrasion,loss of consciousness or even death. But yes it can. Yet , we do it anyway!

For the most part we have a healthy respect for the fun and invigorating things we do. Knowing our limitations protect us from going too far.

But isn’t it necessary to try to surpass our limitations on occasion?

How far do we go?

Does the runner push past the pain to add extra distance just like the cyclist or the swimmer? How about the weight lifter about to go for a new personal record on the dead lift or squat? What are the consequences if they have gone too far?

Sure injury is even common in most sports, even golf. What are you gonna do? It happens. But what about death? Does anyone say hey I love this sport, even if I die doing it! No they don’t and really why should they? It’s not really that common to die but it can happen.

I went for a visit in Colorado and I was mountain biking some beautiful trails. Trails that had signs posted to Beware Of Mountain Lions. I have done road rides in heavy traffic where cyclists get clobbered by cars all the time. I have snowboarded down mougled icy black diamond trails where others have slipped off the trail into the unforgiving woods. I have launched into the air on my dirt bike. I jumped from an airplane to feel the freest of flight.

And I’m sure  many of you have done these and even more.

So there is more to this staying fit and healthy thing than we think! When we finally decide the day that it’s just safer to stay inside , sure we will eliminate some danger from our lives but we certainly will no longer be living.


Hardcore Thought Of The Day

Don’t give up and don’t give in. If you make a mistake consider it a rough first draft and keep on working!!! No Excuses!!!


Reblog from Hackettstown Fitness

Mike over at writes some really good stuff and I wanted to reblog one of his latest. 




Hackettstown Strength Coach: My Journey to Being A Peaceful Warrior.

“There are no ordinary moments in life. Dan Millman”

The days and nights would come and go with a deep anger and a noticeable unhappiness for life. Things turned around and action was taken to move forward towards the life that many live, but it wasn’t good enough.. or it wasn’t “me”.

Waking in the morning to begin the daily grind that my path set forth for me. Get up, get out, go to the job, do the work, come home, do the training sessions for the business, come home, do the work, hang out, go to sleep.. repeat.

After awhile this normal grind began to cause a wear and tear effect on my soul. I was bitter, angry, tired, useless, my workouts suffered, my relationships suffered, and I hide behind my comfort zone like a baby would in the arms of their mother when they wanted to know everything was okay.

The future was always in the mind, the past hard to forget, was there as well.. the thing that was slowly killing me and killing many people around me.. is that we forgot about the now. This moment. There is nothing else to our lives but right now.

Recently I just finished a book that changed my life before I was even half way. All this life changing stuff I’ve been through lately has been crazy on the mind. Creating stress, desire, income, sleepless nights and more.. but this is me evolving and not settling for what has been handed to me. Obviously the current state of life creates an illusion of unhappiness but that’s not so.. It wasn’t until I read The Way of The Peaceful Warrior that I understood what it all means.

One of the most important things I learned from the book was this.. There is only right here, right now. Nothing else matters. Running my day through my head into tomorrow before coffee was even finished would crush me and everything I wanted to do. A million different pieces needed to be put together before the end of day and my mind already ran away with the tasks left me not doing any of them. Overwhelmed.

Where are you?
Right here..
What time is it?
What are you?
This moment.. 

On the journey to becoming a warrior it is apparent the first lesson was the most important. Live in the now. Live in this moment. There is no future and nothing in past. Time keeps on ticking but it’s illusion that flutters the mind. Gone are the days I worry about making it somewhere on time and stressing over things out of my control.

There has been a weight lifted off my shoulders once I learned and fully grasped the fact that material possessions are pointless and do nothing for me and now. There is no need to be held back by the things in life so many take for granted. The iPhone, the house, the cars, the fancy designer clothes, the couches, the rugs, the new hardwood floors and new decks we build.. worrying about the safety of our possessions and where we’ll find the money for the newest brilliantly marketed invention has no effect any longer.

All that is to help me become a peaceful warrior is just what is right here, right now.


Superman Returns

I’m back and better than ever!

Had a few days rest and I  refueled the tank with some serious eating. I kept it clean but I put the carbs back in (and 1 Klondike bar…ok 2 Klondikes but who’s counting). For a while I was just eating bread,rice and any other starch very early in the day and the rest of the day was large portions of protein and fiberous carbs and plenty of good fats. For the most part I was fine but between training, working, the baby, and working around the home I must have really been burning the juice hard.

Eat,eat,eat has always been my motto and typically I always made sure I ate plenty of good quality protein,fat and starch and fiberous carbs. I attempted to modify my routine by really cutting back the carbs and just bring in more fat from avocados and flax oil. What’s supposed to happen is by cutting out the carbs you start to get your energy from fat instead. But I think that my body just works best with more carbs coming in.

For five years I was seriously into road biking and if ever you didn’t have enough carbs you would get “the bonk” . That’s where your blood sugar drops and you feel like shit. I would also see guys bonk at races when they ate cake or doughnuts right before a race. Thats because the cheap sugar high wears off quickly and leaves you with an empty tank, no energy. I have tried to workout in a pinch when time was limited and did not eat properly before hand and of course I have bonked right in the middle of squats or benching. We have all been there.

So I said in my last post that Superman only exists in the movies because no one can burn the candle at both ends and get away with it for long. But memories fade away and feeling awesome like I do now is making me think that Superman is back in town. Oh boy, here we go again!


The Problems with Food

LifeREACH Mind Body Fitness


Your fat loss goals are achieved through a combination of exercise and nutrition. Period. You achieve your best body through 20% exercise and movement and 80% with your fork.

One of the problems that many people face when starting a fat loss program is the feelings of deprivation they experience. If you are experiencing this yourself, you are not alone. This article will cover some things you can do to radically alter how you view your relationship with food permanently.

Before we delve into what can be done about our poor relationships with food, we must understand exactly what food is. In a nutshell, food is what fuels our cells, our brains, our bodies. It gives us energy and regulates our internal systems. It sustains our lives.

In a more broad sense, and one that is more commonly related to, food is our culture, our comfort, our good and bad memories…

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