Keeping Your Eye On The Head Of The Snake Will Get You Coiled In Its Tail

So as most people who are following the story know, Monsanto and other big food companies paid big, big money to have Proposition 37 shot down and snuffed out of existence despite the actual popularity for the GMO labeling law. As I wrote in another post that you can read here, they won this time in California but sooner or later they will lose in one of the other 49 states.

Well I guess they realized this too and the mighty Monsanto company has found the answer to their problem……….

May 20th, 2013

International Business Times
By Connor Adams Sheets

An amendment inserted into the 2013 Farm Bill passed by the House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committee Wednesday would revoke the ability of individual states’ lawmakers to pass GMO-labeling laws, food advocates warn.

monsantoThe amendment, introduced by Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican, is the newest salvo in an ongoing battle between food advocates and companies like Monsanto that create and sell genetically modified and genetically engineered seeds, which grow into GMO crops and find their way into an estimated 70 percent of processed foods in American grocery stores.

For the entire article click here.

If you live in Iowa and you disagree with this fast tracking law you better call up Rep. Steve King and chew his ear off.


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