Study Shows Caffeine Can Aid In Your Workout, Even More So If Sleep Deprived

Acute caffeine ingestion’s increase of voluntarily chosen resistance-training load after limited sleep.


United Kingdom Sports Council, London, UK.

Caffeine increased voluntary workload in professional athletes, even more so under conditions of self-reported limited sleep. Caffeine may prove worthwhile when athletes are tired, especially in those identified as responders to caffeine.



Uh…………..No Shit. It is classified as a stimulant!

Don’t we all know this by now? How many times are they going to do these studies?

Caffeine truly is magical! It wakes you up and it can improve your concentration. If you want to lift weight you can use a little caffeine every now and then. It is awesome!

I have had some real sluggish mornings and after a few shots of espresso I am primed and pumped and ready to go.

Just be careful cause you want to be able to fall asleep and too much will ruin your sleep. So moderation is the key.


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