The Hardcore 24, Mountain Bike Race.

I have been mountain biking for over 20 years now. I have traveled to Utah,Colorado and Montana. As well as New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania , Vermont, New Hampshire and Tennesee. All in all I have had some amazing trips and seen some great country side. I continue to mountain Bike to this day and still go on over night road trips that bring me out to some great riding.

Mountain Biking has become a permanant fixture in my fitness lifestyle and I figure I will be an old man riding on those trails in the future .

But the one thing that I have not done yet is this race.  I have decided to enter it for next year. I don’t want to make this a bucket list blog or start saying I am going to do something and then not do it. I would much rather be telling you about how the race was. But I will have to tell you next year. Meanwhile here’s a little more info on the race in case you are  interested.

The 24 hr mountain bike race called The Hardcore 24 is soon to come.  It’s a 24 hour endurance race in NY State taking place July 26th to the 28th in 2013. You can race in a team or you can race solo. If you really want to do well then you should arrive the day before, the 26th, to pre- ride the course and set up your campsite.

Imagine doing this race solo? Riding the course the day before, sleeping in a tent then going out and riding a trail for 24 hrs through the night with a head light ?? I am going to need some more training!


2 thoughts on “The Hardcore 24, Mountain Bike Race.

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