Firefighters Worldwide.

Melbourne, Australia

Whether operating at a building collapse, performing vehicle extrication, doing EMS calls or stretching lines, venting the roof and conducting search and rescue at fires, firefighters all over the world live and operate in a very unique lifestyle. The profession is one that exhausts yet exhilarates at the same time.

I have met several firefighters from around the world and some of them have come to our fire house to sit and eat dinner with us. Right away we always seem to click well with each other. Instantly you’re making jokes that no one else would get and everyone seems like they have known each other for years. That’s why we call it a brotherhood.

Russian Firefighter




Toyland, Your Imagination

Suzanne Enghed colleagues helped raise money to send her to the Sydney Games



Canadian Firefighter. Notice his helmet, its seen a lot of fire.

Featured Image

U.S. Woodland firefighters. Different tools and different gear from what a structer firefighter uses.


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