Ever Consider Decreasing The Weight?

This is always a tough one for me.  Going down in weight just feels like I’m going backwards.

Everyone is always trying to add weight to the bar . We are obsessed with this, needing to lift more weight than last week otherwise we feel we are not progressing.

I was having a quick discussion with the owner of BaddassLifting.Wordpress.Com about this. She mentioned that she lowered the weight on her straight leg dead lifts and it made her workout better. SLDL ‘s work your hamstrings and glutes really well and really require that you use proper lifting form.  She said that the movement really worked her glutes MORE. So drop the weight and  you feel it MORE!

If you read her post she mentioned that she wanted to lower the weight in order to correct her form.

So besides that lowering the weight can actually give you a better more concentrated workout it is also good for recalibrating your form.

As we go heavier and heavier each week the movement can get knocked out of plumb a little. Making corrections is a necessity.

Here she is doing her thing.


2 thoughts on “Ever Consider Decreasing The Weight?

  1. I totally agree with that statement. A lot of people just think going up a notch or 2 is progression but that can often come with bad technique and potential injuries. Get that technique correct and you will get better gains.

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