The Body Is A Machine. What’s Under Your Hood?

 Does the machine need to be maintained? Yes. Does the machine need to be protected? Yes.

Does the machine require your full investment? Absolutely!

Anything less and you are selling yourself (your body) short. Not exercising , eating wrong and neglecting yourself is the equivalent of leaving a beautiful muscle car out on the grass to get punished by rain , sleet and snow.

Sure you can always go out there and sand away the rust and do some body work and add a fresh coat of paint but no matter how hard you work it will never truly be mint again. Same goes for your body. We can relentlessly batter our selves  in our youth but when we get older you can work for years to try and reverse the damage done. You can gain back some of your health and vitality but you will always have to settle for the fact that some of it is lost forever.

So it is better to start as soon as you can and STAY WITH IT! No matter your age , your never too old or too young to get on a good program and keep your health on line.

For those of you who are 1st responders just remember that there is a lot of risk doing your job being unfit. Brains and brawn are both equally important.

1970 AMX by American Motors Corporation (AMC) ...

1970 AMX by American Motors Corporation (AMC) two-seat sports GT coupe with the 390 Go-Package. The 6.4 L V8 engine produces 325 horsepower (242 kW). This muscle car is finished in “Big Bad Orange” (paint code P-3). Also shown are the optional black “C-stripe” on the sides and 15-inch “Machine” wheels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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