Chocolate Milk the Un-ultimate post work out drink

On a few occasions I have read dietary advice that chocolate milk makes for a good post workout drink. They say that it has the perfect ratio of carbs to protein. First of all for some reason people  think going for a 30 minute walk or to the gym for an hour makes them an endurance athlete. The phrase ‘recovery’ would insinuate that some sort of stress was induced that would require replenishment of nutrients. Going to the gym for an hour a day, etc. should be the standard level of activity for most of the population and should not be recognized as an excuse for the need for a recovery drink let alone chocolate milk as one. Use simple math  calories in need to equal calories out… Unless you are bulking or dieting to lose weight of course.

Some of the best calorie burners, which burn 300 calories in half an hour or less, include vigorous stationary cycling, high-impact step aerobics and vigorous lap swimming. Other activities with the potential to meet or beat your calorie-burn goal in just 30 minutes include fast running, intense rock climbing, inline skating and jumping rope.

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Milk Chocolate Girl

Milk Chocolate Girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now if you are trying to loose weight and you burn those 300 calories and then go have your chocolate milk you will put 208 calories back into your body. Plus all the added sugar which really is not nutritionally beneficial at all. If you are lifting weight and trying to build muscle that same cup of chocolate milk has a mere 7 grams of protein in it……. that’s weak.

One of the stand out dietary tips of the day is to consume high protein with easily digested carbs right after a workout. The easily digested carbs would be a juice or white bagle and the protein would be whey or if you wanna stay away from dairy, egg protein in a powder. I always recommend staying away from junk protein shakes that are pre-made like Muscle Milk . They suck. Lots of cheapo ingredients and very expensive.

The easily digested carbs from the juice or bagel help resupply lost glycogen more rapidly and help control the rise in cortisol. The protein also moves quickly to help rebuild damaged muscle fiber. Now if you drank chocolate milk right after a workout you would be supplying the carbs needed but like said earlier you would only be delivering a mere 7 g of protein and that’s just not enough. But the worse is the fat that comes with the chocolate milk (unless using skim milk, and skim milk is garbage so theres another problem) Because you are consuming easily digested carbs with the fat your body will choose to metabolize the carbs for quick energy and the fat will get stored. So that’s not a good scenario.

I know most of you must already know that chocolate milk is not a good recovery drink or post workout drink. But I see it all the time. Just the other day I saw someone squirting Hersheys chocolate syrup into a tall glass of whole milk ….right after a workout.  I told him what he was doing and he had his science ready to shoot from the hip. His answer was…and he is wrong btw…. Chocolate syrup for quick carbs…(more like liquid candy for SHIT carbs)… Whole milk for protein and fat is good for you (for some reason he thinks I have an 80’s mentality and avoid ALL fats, but I dont.) I told him that the fat from the milk is ok but not right after you workout. I also told him that he probably is not getting enough protein.

So people screw up the facts and rearrange the info and you get stupid headlines like ” Chocolate Milk the Ultimate Post Workout Drink” and everyone starts buying it.


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