Superman Is Only In The Movies

My body just put the breaks on and said no more! I have been training hard since September and only took 2 weeks off when my baby was born . Since the warm weather kicked in here in New Jersey, days on the job firefighting can be overwhelmingly hot and sweaty when you put on the gear and go to work. On my days off I train and do work on the home or outside in the yard.

The proverbial fire under my ass is always lit and I have worked relentlessly trying to get as much done as I can (maybe so I can finally sit and relax, how ironic). All of this and a bouncing newborn on my knee and I have been swept away by feeling completely drained.

It started yesterday at the end of the day when I was digging up the last of four old fence posts in my back yard. As I write this I can look out the window and see the last remaining post and the yellow handle shovel standing next to it. The post is still firmly planted in the ground. I remember feeling so tired as I tried to wriggle it from the earth. The shovel helped little. This time I blame the tool and not the operator. They mock me as I sit in my chair feeling like I can sleep for a month.

My last workout had me knocking out a killer squat session and walking away feeling good. I then went to work and completed a 24 hr shift that had me once again lacking sleep and then went right home to work in my back yard. All day in the heat only to come inside for food and then right back out again, working hard but not really getting much done (at least it felt that way).

Waking up today all I can think about wass eating lots of carbs! WTF!! I want rice and bread and pizza and ginger ale!! I never drink soda!! Ha Ha. Weird cravings.

So based on this I decided it would be best to take the next few days off and eat sensibly and replenish myself. I also need to get some solid rest.


Just figured I would share this with you guys.

How I think I look right before I squat.


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