Reblog from Hackettstown Fitness

Mike over at writes some really good stuff and I wanted to reblog one of his latest. 




Hackettstown Strength Coach: My Journey to Being A Peaceful Warrior.

“There are no ordinary moments in life. Dan Millman”

The days and nights would come and go with a deep anger and a noticeable unhappiness for life. Things turned around and action was taken to move forward towards the life that many live, but it wasn’t good enough.. or it wasn’t “me”.

Waking in the morning to begin the daily grind that my path set forth for me. Get up, get out, go to the job, do the work, come home, do the training sessions for the business, come home, do the work, hang out, go to sleep.. repeat.

After awhile this normal grind began to cause a wear and tear effect on my soul. I was bitter, angry, tired, useless, my workouts suffered, my relationships suffered, and I hide behind my comfort zone like a baby would in the arms of their mother when they wanted to know everything was okay.

The future was always in the mind, the past hard to forget, was there as well.. the thing that was slowly killing me and killing many people around me.. is that we forgot about the now. This moment. There is nothing else to our lives but right now.

Recently I just finished a book that changed my life before I was even half way. All this life changing stuff I’ve been through lately has been crazy on the mind. Creating stress, desire, income, sleepless nights and more.. but this is me evolving and not settling for what has been handed to me. Obviously the current state of life creates an illusion of unhappiness but that’s not so.. It wasn’t until I read The Way of The Peaceful Warrior that I understood what it all means.

One of the most important things I learned from the book was this.. There is only right here, right now. Nothing else matters. Running my day through my head into tomorrow before coffee was even finished would crush me and everything I wanted to do. A million different pieces needed to be put together before the end of day and my mind already ran away with the tasks left me not doing any of them. Overwhelmed.

Where are you?
Right here..
What time is it?
What are you?
This moment.. 

On the journey to becoming a warrior it is apparent the first lesson was the most important. Live in the now. Live in this moment. There is no future and nothing in past. Time keeps on ticking but it’s illusion that flutters the mind. Gone are the days I worry about making it somewhere on time and stressing over things out of my control.

There has been a weight lifted off my shoulders once I learned and fully grasped the fact that material possessions are pointless and do nothing for me and now. There is no need to be held back by the things in life so many take for granted. The iPhone, the house, the cars, the fancy designer clothes, the couches, the rugs, the new hardwood floors and new decks we build.. worrying about the safety of our possessions and where we’ll find the money for the newest brilliantly marketed invention has no effect any longer.

All that is to help me become a peaceful warrior is just what is right here, right now.


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