Superman Returns

I’m back and better than ever!

Had a few days rest and I  refueled the tank with some serious eating. I kept it clean but I put the carbs back in (and 1 Klondike bar…ok 2 Klondikes but who’s counting). For a while I was just eating bread,rice and any other starch very early in the day and the rest of the day was large portions of protein and fiberous carbs and plenty of good fats. For the most part I was fine but between training, working, the baby, and working around the home I must have really been burning the juice hard.

Eat,eat,eat has always been my motto and typically I always made sure I ate plenty of good quality protein,fat and starch and fiberous carbs. I attempted to modify my routine by really cutting back the carbs and just bring in more fat from avocados and flax oil. What’s supposed to happen is by cutting out the carbs you start to get your energy from fat instead. But I think that my body just works best with more carbs coming in.

For five years I was seriously into road biking and if ever you didn’t have enough carbs you would get “the bonk” . That’s where your blood sugar drops and you feel like shit. I would also see guys bonk at races when they ate cake or doughnuts right before a race. Thats because the cheap sugar high wears off quickly and leaves you with an empty tank, no energy. I have tried to workout in a pinch when time was limited and did not eat properly before hand and of course I have bonked right in the middle of squats or benching. We have all been there.

So I said in my last post that Superman only exists in the movies because no one can burn the candle at both ends and get away with it for long. But memories fade away and feeling awesome like I do now is making me think that Superman is back in town. Oh boy, here we go again!



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