The danger that you embrace.


Every day tens of thousands of athletes from beginner to pro to industrial are risking their necks when they are trying to be healthy, fit and at their best. Exercise is inherently dangerous, that’s right! Whether you are running, swimming, riding a bike, squatting, dead lifting, jump roping, boxing, or doing a shuttle run you are putting yourself in harm’s way in one form or the other.

It’s hard to see that doing something that is positive and healthy can also lead you to a torn ligament,sprain,fracture,contusion,abrasion,loss of consciousness or even death. But yes it can. Yet , we do it anyway!

For the most part we have a healthy respect for the fun and invigorating things we do. Knowing our limitations protect us from going too far.

But isn’t it necessary to try to surpass our limitations on occasion?

How far do we go?

Does the runner push past the pain to add extra distance just like the cyclist or the swimmer? How about the weight lifter about to go for a new personal record on the dead lift or squat? What are the consequences if they have gone too far?

Sure injury is even common in most sports, even golf. What are you gonna do? It happens. But what about death? Does anyone say hey I love this sport, even if I die doing it! No they don’t and really why should they? It’s not really that common to die but it can happen.

I went for a visit in Colorado and I was mountain biking some beautiful trails. Trails that had signs posted to Beware Of Mountain Lions. I have done road rides in heavy traffic where cyclists get clobbered by cars all the time. I have snowboarded down mougled icy black diamond trails where others have slipped off the trail into the unforgiving woods. I have launched into the air on my dirt bike. I jumped from an airplane to feel the freest of flight.

And I’m sure  many of you have done these and even more.

So there is more to this staying fit and healthy thing than we think! When we finally decide the day that it’s just safer to stay inside , sure we will eliminate some danger from our lives but we certainly will no longer be living.



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