Juicing Review & Juicing Foods High In Estrogen

After about a hundred Carrot,Apple and Ginger Juices and throwing away all that pulp I really had to stop and FINALLY THINK! Juicing is very expensive and it is a waste of calories. A Waste of money & food. That’s all it is.

Now if you blend or pulverize the entire veggie and drink the juice AND the pulp, that’s a different story.

I guess I was suckered in by all the hype like everyone else.

I did some research and if you are doubting what I am saying then you should to. Just look up what nutrients are in the pulp of said veggies or fruit. When you find out you will cringe at the thought of the sheer waste of vitality that was dumped in the garbage.

Even if you are trying to lose weight it is still stupid to juice. Removing the pulp just allows your body to suck up the sugars in the juice. With the pulp present it slows down the sugar absorption, making it low glycemic.

Where juicing comes in handy is when you want to heal yourself. When we eat, even healthy food, our liver is working hard to metabolize what you are consuming. Along with your liver  the rest of your body is hard at work in the digestion process. By juicing you are getting the closest thing to an IV as you can. You will skip the middleman and pump nutrients (and sugar) right into your blood stream and give your taxed digestive system a good rest.

I would say that juicing veggies , not fruit, is a better choice because fruit is full of sugar. But why throw away the pulp ?? That pulp is fiber and it is good to get fiber. The only thing we would be overlooking is that you can juice a very large quantity of something and get a mega dose of nutrients. You can juice an entire package of celery for instance and drink it down but who would ever eat an entire pack of celery? So that’s a good thing but that becomes very expensive and certainly won’t help out your hunger. In fact if you are on a diet and you rely on juicing then you will run the risk of making yourself hungry and wind up bingeing later on in the day.

Juicing and foods that are high in estrogen.

Lots of fruits and veggies are known for having the potential for increasing your estrogen. If this is a concern then you would be wise to know which fruits and veggies are responsible and avoid them and especially not juice them! For all the same reasons why juicing can deliver a mega dose of nutrients it can also do the same with plant based estrogen which some studies have shown can increase estrogen in men and women . I wrote a post about these foods and you can view it here.

A Better Idea

A better idea would be to process the entire fruit or vegetable pulp and all and consume it this way. You are still breaking open the cells of the plant and grinding up the fiber into a pulp but allowing the pulp to remain so that it can play its roll in slowing down the absorption of sugars too quickly. Basically it’s a happy medium. Problem solved.


3 thoughts on “Juicing Review & Juicing Foods High In Estrogen

  1. I absolutely agree 100%. Removing all of the fiber allows the sugars to literally slam your system and spike your insulin. It is best to just pulverize your fruits and veggies and drink them with all elements of the food intact. Vitamix mixers are ideal for this but they are spendy.

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